Unfortunately, when a celebrity chooses to wear something a little outlandish or can’t be bothered to make the effort one day, their fashion faux pas is splashed all over the internet for everybody to point and laugh at. Luckily for the rest of us, if we make a fashion faux pas we just have to suffer the backlash from our friends and family – still something worth avoiding. With a tailored suit in your wardrobe, a nice shirt and the right pair of shoes, you can’t really go wrong, but here are five of the most popular fashion faux pas made by both men and women, and how you can avoid them in the future.

#1: Exposed underwear

Whether you’re wearing your trousers too low or without a belt to reveal your pants or an ill-fitting top that reveals your bra straps, underwear should not be visible when you are fully dressed. Women should be careful when choosing what colour underwear to wear to ensure it cannot be seen through thin, light coloured shirts or tight fitting trousers and skirts, whilst men should always opt for a belt. If you want to wear a T-shirt under your shirt for warmth, make sure it isn’t obvious. Revealing your underwear can instantly make your look become scruffy, at best.

#2: Too many patterns

Paisley shirts are back in fashion and you can’t go wrong with a spotty tie, but wearing too many patterns all at once can create a rather garish, ghastly look. If you want to gain attention for all of the right reasons then opt for one pattern and make it stand out against a plain background. Choose a vivid tie and wear it with a crisp white shirt, or a patterned blouse to wear with a solid coloured skirt. If you’re mixing stripes, spots and paisley all at once, you’ll only give yourself and others around you a headache.

#3; Dressed for the wrong season

Only postmen can get away with wearing shorts during the winter, and even then they can look a little odd. During the winter, the doors to your summer wardrobe should be kept firmly shut. Wear a winter suit during the summer and you’ll not only look peculiar, but you’ll probably feel quite uncomfortable too. Different seasons bring with them different trends and styles, so don’t try and attempt to break the rules by wearing flip-flops in December, unless of course you’re on holiday...

#4: Ill-fitting shirts or trousers

In the ‘90s it was popular to wear shirts that were several sizes too large, but this is a fashion trend that has long since (thankfully) disappeared. If you want to create a smart, fashionable look today, you’ll need to ensure your shirt is tailored and the right length for your trousers or skirt, and that your trousers are the right length and fit. Wearing ill-fitting shirts or trousers can instantly make you look scruffy or unkempt.

#5: Creases and stains

You might be clever or cool enough to pull of the more peculiar styles, but nobody can ever pull off a creased shirt or stained trousers. There are some top tips available online to help you remove stubborn stains quickly, and taking good care of your clothes should ensure you don’t pull them out of your wardrobe already creased. There’s no excuse to wear creased or stained clothes, and doing so can ruin a look entirely.

If you’re keen to avoid a fashion faux pas, you need only invest in a made-to-measure suit and you’ll guarantee yourself high fashion status for good. Why not get in touch with one of the professional tailors at Hemingway Tailors today to book your first appointment?

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