For many professional women, attempting to pick an office-appropriate outfit can feel like opening up a hornets’ nest. There are more things that can go wrong than there are appropriate options to choose from, so how can you dress for the workplace without making a potentially embarrassing faux pas? While our bespoke tailored shirts will always provide you with perfect professional style, it’s important that you know how to wear your corporate outfits properly. Take a look at our guide to foiling the most common corporate wear faux pas and ensure that you always look the part around the office in future...

Gaping blouses

Gaping blouses are the Achilles heels of all well-endowed women. A poorly fitted blouse gaping at the chest can be potentially embarrassing as well as being considered a fashion no-no, so it’s worth investing in some properly tailored shirts that will fit you correctly in all the right places. Bespoke tailoring may cost a little more, but it’s worth it to avoid revealing the colour of your bra every time you give a presentation...

Barefoot bosses

When you’re comfortable in your workplace it’s only natural to want to make yourself feel at home while in the office. Many workers will choose to ditch their shoes once they get in from the outside world, but managers would be better off keeping their footwear in place. Bosses who remove their shoes in the workplace are in danger of promoting an overly casual atmosphere, affecting employee productivity and concentration.


Speaking of remaining professional, no boss (or employee for that matter) should live in fear of her colleagues spying the shape of her underwear through her clothes. The dreaded VPL is a common side-effect of wearing fitted trousers or skirts of a poor-quality material. While it’s important to choose the style of your underwear and the cut of your trousers or skirts appropriately, you can often avoid VPL entirely by purchasing high-quality bespoke tailored garments that utilise better textiles than their cheaper high street alternatives.

Ill-fitting garments

Human beings come in all different shapes and sizes, but designers’ garments must conform to a regimented sizing chart. You may find that - no matter how hard you try - you can only ever find off the peg clothes that are too tight in some areas or too loose in others. No-one should wear ill fitting, uncomfortable or embarrassing clothes to work, so if you’re struggling to find the appropriate fit for you, consider purchasing your corporate garments from a tailor instead.

Suits and sneakers

It has become increasingly popular for city centre professionals to jog to work, and to that end we see men and women making their way to the office in full business dress, aside from the garish running trainers they’re sporting on their feet. Not only does it not look good guys, but your jog-induced perspiration will ruin a bespoke tailored suit quicker than you realise...

Avoiding these corporate wear disasters will help you to maintain a professional air while in the workplace, but to cut a truly gorgeous figure while in the office, you need to make the most of our made-to-measure tailoring service. Why not take a look at our Hemingway Tailors blog for more tips style suggestions for ladies tailored suits, or contact us for more information?

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