Three-piece suits are making a welcome return to the mainstream, fashion experts claim. More and more tailors and menswear brands are seeing higher demand for suits with waistcoats, The Telegraph reports, as men seek to adopt smarter, more formal outfits for the office.

David Gandy, the successful British model, is among today’s ambassadors for the three-piece suit, but it isn’t only the stars of the fashion industry who are donning their waistcoats once more. TV presenters are also adopting the trend, with Dermot O’Leary and Vernon Kay leading the way, while BBC weatherman Alex Deakin also wears a smart three-piece suit on air.

Talking to The Telegraph, Tony Glenville, Creative Director at the London College of Fashion, found the change unsurprising – but welcome: ‘suits are one of the largest growth areas of the fashion industry. We went through a sportswear phase and people had dress-down Fridays, but now we are seeing men adding a waistcoat to their suits because it's more exciting. ‘

Glenville added that men were increasingly moving away from off-the-rack suits. ‘People are not just buying suits, they are spending money on good quality suits.’

Hemingway Tailors has also noted an increase in demand from clients in Leeds, London and further afield. Our clients, quite rightly, view a bespoke three-piece suit as an investment that will last them many years. The waistcoat adds many more options to the wearer’s wardrobe.

A bespoke suit offers impeccable style and fit. If you’d like to add a three-piece suit to your wardrobe, make it a Hemingway suit. Book an appointment with our visiting tailor service today. 

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