When you're thinking of getting a suit tailor-made to your exact measurements, the world is your oyster. It might be tempting to stick to a classic navy two-piece, but don't be afraid to think outside of the box. Remember, great tailoring is all about fit, so once that's right you can take the opportunity to be brave and bold when picking your cuts and colours. Here are a few famous examples to get your imagination going…

James Bond

Suave, sexy and sophisticated, James Bond is an obvious icon to turn to for fashion advice. From Connery's slim lapelled, light grey suit in 1962's Dr. No to Moore's Man with the Golden Gun plaid jacket (complete with burgundy lining!) and Craig's classic black tie attire in Casino Royale, the Bond costume cupboard really has seen it all. We could spend hours discussing the details of every button hole, brace and cummerbund over the years, but we don't have time for that. Instead, take on a valuable lesson from the man himself and don't be afraid to shake (but not stir) up your style. The many variations of Bond go to show that classic doesn't have to mean boring.


Sam 'Ace' Rothstein (aka Robert De Niro) wears a total of 70 different outfits throughout Scorsese's 1995 film Casino. Each and every one is memorable in some way. A firm favourite is the fuchsia number worn with a crisp black shirt, which only serves as proof that one can look manly (and terrifying) even in head-to-toe bright pink, so don't be afraid of colour when picking your perfect material.


The four fellows of 2004's Anchorman wear different but equally incredible styles of mid-‘70s suit. Ron Burgundy himself sports a number of ‘suits so fine they made Sinatra look like a hobo.' From royal blue to cabernet-coloured creations, always augmented to perfection with some gaudy gold buttons and standout cufflinks, this is a strong look for the brave suit wearer. If Ron's look is a little too bold for you, Brian Fantana's pinstripes, Champ Kinds’ darker hues and Brick Tamland's tweed numbers are all alternatives for that top ‘70s style.

Pulp Fiction

The black suits and black skinny ties donned by the Pulp Fiction boys have become synonymous with the film's title. It may look like the pair are dressed exactly the same, but there are subtle differences in their outfits. Samuel L. Jackson's character Jules wears a shirt with a slimmer neck line (apparently a nod to the preacher-like nature of the character), while Vincent – played by John Travolta – wears a suit made of linen. Although thinner and therefore more comfortable on a hot day, linen creases like nothing else. Designers chose the material for Vincent specifically to give him a slightly more dishevelled look, but don't shy away from linen or other more unusual materials when picking your tailor-made attire just because they take a little more upkeep. Think about where you'll be wearing your suit and whether insulation or a more breathable fabric is what you're after.


Tony Montana's white suit really is something special. This light cream, pinstriped number is double breasted, though Pucino often wears it open. Padded shoulders and peaked lapels complete the jacket, while the red shirt and pocket square add an extra splash of colour to an already bold look. Emulating a truly iconic suit like this one may seem faintly ridiculous (particularly when taking the tube or heading to a business meeting), but there's a time and a place for everything. If you've saved up to get a handmade, bespoke suit made especially for you, make your money count and get something extraordinary.

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