While there aren’t many men who have the figure of a male model, it would seem that most clothes are designed to fit the desirable inverted triangle body shape, so it’s hardly surprising that men often come to us to help them find clothes that fit them properly. A number of our clients ask for our advice on how to dress for their shape, and with our wealth of experience in tailoring quality garments, we’re able to create made-to-measure suits that fit and flatter perfectly. If you’re unsure what styles you should be wearing to suit your body shape, take a look at the following dos and don’ts…

If you’re small…

  • Don’t try and pretend you’re any taller than you really are. If you wear trousers that are too long for you you will only appear shorter, so it’s worth being honest with yourself and buying trousers that are the right length.
  • Do show off the cuff of your shirt to make your arms appear longer. A suit jacket with long arms will only drown your shape.
  • Don’t wear wide ties or lapels. A thin tie and thin lapels will help you to appear slim and slender, while a fat tie and wide lapels will only make you look shorter and squatter.
  • Do wear a jacket on which the buttons start lower down. This will help to elongate your body and essentially stretch your figure.

If you’re tall…

  • Don’t fall victim to the short tie. Wearing a short tie will only make you appear taller than you actually are and could make you resemble a schoolboy who has outgrown his uniform. You might have to buy slightly longer ties, but you should always ensure the point is within five centimetres of your belt.
  • Do wear lighter coloured shirts. Lighter coloured shirts will help to add width to a narrow frame. Dark colours are known to be slimming, so if you’re quite thin they are best avoided.
  • Don’t wear oversized jackets. Oversized jackets can either make you appear bulky or frail, depending on your frame. Always stick to tailored jackets that fit well around the shoulders.
  • Do opt for a two-button suit. A two-button suit will help break up your shape a little, but you must ensure your lapels are cut relatively high.

If you’re large…

  • Don’t wear a large suit. Many men think if they buy a suit a few sizes bigger they will look smaller, but in fact they just look even bigger than they really are.
  • Do wear a pocket square. A pocket square will help draw attention away from the gut and toward your chest instead.
  • Don’t untuck your shirt. You might feel more comfortable untucking your shirt, but a shirt should never be worn untucked with your suit. If you feel tight around the waist you probably need larger trousers.
  • Do wear simple, elegant shirts. Patterned shirts will only draw attention to your size, while plain, well-fitted shirts will help to keep you looking slim and smart.

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