While we might be half way through the summer, there’s still time to offer some advice on how to dress to make it through the remaining weeks before Autumn sets in.

We’re almost certain your summer wardrobe is packed full of light and airy clothing which is ideal for staying comfortable in the sun… However, the British summer isn’t one which is often packed with a whole load of sun! That’s why we’ve looked at what you should consider to make sure you’re fully prepared to make it through the remainder of the summer weather while looking your very best.


Regardless of whether you’re wearing a full suit or just a shirt and trousers, the summer can throw up a real conundrum when it comes to deciding which footwear to go with. Typically a pair of suede loafers would be the preferred option for many given the fact they allow for a little more air to reach the feet and add character to your summer look. However, downpours during August and September can be unforgiving and would certainly end up ruining the suede. As a result it might be worth lacing up a pair of shoes which are light enough to provide comfort in the heat and made from a material that won’t easily deteriorate in the rain (such as leather) for those days where the weather looks uncertain.

Shorts and trousers

Yes the idea of a crisply ironed short sleeved shirt matched with some trouser shorts are likely to have you feeling like a model stripped straight from the streets of Milan, but as mentioned above the rain can quickly dampen these dreams. While you will find occasions to thrown on those shorts, we would recommend that you also invest in trousers of a lighter material (such as linen) which would make them ideal for dealing with the heat while keeping you covered.


As you’ve realised the theme behind this blog rests heavily on the temperamental summer weather, with the rain playing just a large part in it as the sun. So here are a few things to consider to stay dry in style during the summer showers.


How much consideration do you place with the choice of your umbrella? Simply put, the umbrella you use certainly impacts your look so why shouldn’t we place on onus on every last accessory of our which includes the umbrella.

When it comes to choosing the colour of the umbrella it’s pretty simple, play it safe with understated colours. Don’t go too bold unless that’s the look you’re wanting to achieve, but in most cases a black or navy umbrella will suffice. Secondly, consider the crutch/handle of the umbrella. In order to maintain a classy look, we’d recommend going for a wooden crutch while attempting to match the shade roughly to that of the leather you’re most likely to wear. This doesn’t have to be precise but provides a nice look when the colours are in unison.


Another key element of clothing to keep you dry is a long raincoat. They’re useful in protecting the bulk of your outfit through a heavy downpour however they also add an extra layer of clothing which can prove to be an issue during the warm weather. Be sure to invest in a thin raincoat which won’t add much warmth and will also prove to be much easier to carry around if the sun does decide to come out.


While traditional summer looks are likely to feature suits, shirts and ties of various shades (from pastels to brighter tones) of blues, reds and greens, we’d also suggest incorporating some neutral colours in your selection of outfits such as greys. It might sound boring but they’ll probably better suit those duller days where brighter colours might not quite match the mood.

That should have you all set for the remaining weeks of the summer and also stand you in good stead going into autumn. Stay tuned for more tips and style advice in our future blogs.

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