With the FA Cup final taking place this weekend, we’ve had to take a look back at one of the worst fashion choices seen in football and maybe even in sport in general – and a showing that first impressions are crucial irrespective of the environment.

Take yourself back to May 11 1996 and a sun soaked afternoon in London readying itself for a massive FA Cup Final. The teams in contention were Liverpool and Manchester United, bitter footballing rivals and arguably 2 of England’s most prolific clubs.

However, as the teams arrived on to the hallowed home of football, Wembley, it was clear to see that there was a distinct difference in the style. The simple yet sophisticated look of the Manchester United players was in stark contrast to Liverpool’s garish outfits. The Armani suits that the Liverpool team wore that day have since been remembered for all of the wrong reasons. Fans, media and opposing players were greeted by the sight of the Liverpool team in cream suits, light blue shirts and striking red and white striped ties – with many of the players completing their ensemble with white shoes.

Like many others who bared witness to the catastrophic outfit that day, Sir Alex Ferguson summed it up the best when he recalled the event…

“What would you call it – arrogance or over-confidence? It was ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.”

It was at that point that the United manager felt his side were sure to grab the win, even predicting a 1-0 score line to assistant manager Brian Kidd – and his team duly delivered.

While the suits themselves didn’t directly impact the performance of the players on the pitch, Sir Alex Ferguson reportedly used it to motivate his team, after all, in his mind who were Liverpool to stroll nonchalantly on to Wembley dressed the way they were to take on his budding young team and newly crowned league champions.

Armani’s links with Liverpool came through goalkeeper David James who at the time was an underwear model for the brand. The bold move by Liverpool on that day is a showing that no matter how popular you might be, a simple mistake such as going for an overly daring colour can completely ruin your look and first impressions.

If you’re going to look for inspiration from football then look no further then Arsenal and the look they pulled off in last year’s FA Cup final. GQ heralded the Gunners as the potentially the best dressed team to win the FA Cup, maybe not a tough task in the world of football with showings like that of Liverpool, but their classy getup was a sure fire winner.

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