Many businesswomen are under the impression that dressing for work means leaving your personality and style at home, either because they worry what might be deemed inappropriate or because they simply can’t be bothered to make the effort at work. Your goal for dressing for work should be to project a professional, competent and confident image, regardless of your position within your company.

Your fashion choices at work could speak volumes about your ability to do your job – or such is the impression it can give. Showing an interest in how you present yourself at work will reflect how interested you are in making a good impression. Styles, colours, lengths and the fit of your clothes should all be taken into consideration when planning what to wear into the office, but this needn’t be difficult to get to grips with. With our helpful guidelines and tailored suits, combined with your dedication, you’ll have the office look down in no time...

What colours should I wear?

The colours you choose to wear can say a lot about you, whether you pick them consciously or not. Traditional colours worn in a work environment are navy, grey, black and red, all of which project a certain image, but generally work well. Red can come across as aggressive or dominant, black can be authoritative, navy kind, and grey reserved. Any of these colours can work well as trouser suits, skirt suits or as simple statement pieces, such as a tailored navy jacket with smart, well-fitting jeans. Brighter colours and prints can help to add a pop of colour, but are much riskier, so are best to avoid if you’re not sure.

How important is the fit?

The fit of your clothes is essential to looking presentable in the workplace. Many women worry that they might appear too sexy or feminine if they wear fitted clothes, but a well-fitted tailored or made-to-measure suit doesn’t have to exude sex appeal, rather it can make you look and feel smart, professional and ready to work. Trousers and skirts should be the perfect length and well fitted, according to the style you choose, but must not should enable you enough room to sit down comfortably! Jackets and blouses should be able to button up easily and not gape around the buttons. A good bespoke tailoring service will ensure you are able to perfect the look.

Should I accessorise?

Everything from handbags and earrings to shoes and bracelets should be taken into consideration when dressing for work. Scruffy or slouchy handbags can look sloppy, while a more structured bag can present a more organised image. Bracelets that are particularly jangly might annoy your colleagues and could get in the way of your work, and earrings the size of chandeliers can be quite distracting. Your shoes should always be well polished and free from scuff marks, to ensure you appear tidy and presentable.

Anything else?

It can be difficult to know how to dress accordingly at work, especially as so many companies don’t actually have specific guidelines or dress codes. If in doubt, take tips from your boss (if she’s female), after all, that’s the main person you’re trying to impress, or perhaps another well-dressed female colleague.

When it comes to ‘dress down’ days or ‘casual Fridays’, don’t take this as an opportunity to don your comfy jogging bottoms or your favourite Disney T-shirt, you should still aim to appear smart and ready to work. Designer labels are fine, but too many can look cluttered. Try to choose one or two simple, classic pieces.

The great thing about dressing for work is that you won’t be expected to wear something new every day, as you might be every time you go out on the town! You only need to have a few go-to work outfits to rely on to see you through the different seasons. At Hemingway Tailors, we can work with you to create as many looks and outfits as you like, even taking into consideration how you might be able to mix and match them. With our made-to-measured and bespoke suits, you’ll be able to nail chic corporate wear and be angling for a promotion in no time!

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