He’s a man who’s hard to ignore – if he isn’t catching your attention with his quick wit and abrasive one liners, then it’s often his wardrobe that does the talking for him. Connor McGregor has shot to fame over the past few years and with it he’s quickly adopted a style that suits his vibrant personality.

However, while he’s been lauded for his ability inside the octagon, his fashion choices have left many people divided. He’s hit the headlines on numerous occasions with his choice of outfits, and most recently had his garments at the tip of everyone’s tongues during the press tour covering his upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather.

We’ve looked at his style choices and whether they exude class or if he’s simply fallen foul of having more money than taste.

The tailored touch

When it comes to Conor McGregor’s looks, he can’t be faulted for his preference of tailored suits. He’s clearly a man that understands the quality that lies within a tailored suit as opposed to something off the rack as he’s rarely seen without one for press events. The recent Mayweather vs McGregor press tour saw him wear 3 impeccably tailored suits in 4 days. His appearance helped to further resonate his assured and self-confident nature. While many might have him down as the underdog in the bout, his razor-sharp tongue and even sharper suits certainly didn’t have him looking like a concerned man.

Transitioning from loud to classy looks with ease

Another area where the brash 28-year old has excelled has been in his ability to switch between classy three-piece ensembles and louder looks with relative ease. We’ve seen a number of muted navy suits along with checked grey pieces which have oozed class in abundance. However, he’s also not adverse to switching up his outfit to include eye catching accessories, contrasting colours and striking patterns, all of which often come together to create looks that once more display his love for fashion and stamping his own mark on his looks.

Distinct waistcoats

McGregor’s love for the finer detail and creating a wow factor are exemplified by his waistcoats. As mentioned above, he’s a fan of a solid three-piece suit, however on numerous occasions we’ve seen him place an added onus on his waistcoat and in doing so remove the jacket from his outfit. Opting for a waistcoat without a jacket makes for a great way to create a slightly more casual look while maintaining a degree sharpness in your overall appearance.

Outlandish statement pieces

While he’s often seen putting together bold look, there have also been occasions where he’s gone beyond “bold” and crosses the fashionable line, straight into the realms of his dress being driven by ego. The latest showing of this was the “pin stripe” suit he wore during the first media day of the Mayweather vs McGregor press tour. While from a distance it simply looked like a well-tailored pinstripes suit, on close inspection every pinstripe was made up with the words “F*** You”. While we know the Dublin native isn’t mild mannered in his approach, this was probably a step too far for traditional sartorial gents.

Endless stream of suits

Conor McGregor has become known for rarely wearing the same suit twice. What might be seen as frivolous spending by some, is actually driven by McGregor’s insistence on wearing suits which are very fitted, especially during press events in the run up to fights. In the past few years he’s fought at a number of different weight classes, meaning wearing the same suit twice has on occasions been out of the question. With his body constantly changing, he’s required tailored suits that fit accordingly to help ensure he looks his very best.

Final words

Whether you love him or hate him, it’s hard to look past Conor McGregor’s style preferences. Granted not all of his looks are likely to appeal to the masses, but he seems to have a knack for combining patterns and colours rather well. He’s clearly developed a love for fashion, in particular his suits, which we’re sure will have him surprising us and pleasing us with his outfit choices for years to come.

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