The fact that you’re reading this blog suggests there’s a chance you’ve found yourself at odds in deciding what to get that fashion obsessed loved one for Christmas. Whether it’s your partner, mother, sister or a friend, you’ll want your gift to bring a smile to their face, which is why we’ve outlined some gift ideas which are sure to please.

We’ve listed 5 suggestions that aren’t your typical gift choices and are likely to make for a memorable surprise.

#01 Instant film camera

With all things being digital now, instant film cameras actually provide a refreshing alternative of producing physical images which can be stored away, stuck in an album or posted up on a wall. The modern day fashion lover is now synonymous with also being an Instagram obsessive, the 2 go hand in hand so gifting an instant film camera would make for a great way for them to take those “outfit of the day” shots and create a collection away from their mobile phone.

There’s a good chance you might not have a clue of where to start when it comes to instant film cameras, fear not though, this handy little guide should help you get a better idea of what to look for in your hunt for an instant camera.

#02 Tailoring experience

What do you give a lady who’s got all the clothes one needs? How about an unforgettable tailoring experience along with the chance to create a bespoke shirt to their exact style preferences?

A tailoring experience will grant her the chance to not only feel special with the entire process being centred around her, but also have a wonderful bespoke shirt created too. From ensuring the shirt is the perfect fit to consulting her on style options to make it a truly unique garment, it will prove to make for a memorable experience that’ll fall directly in line with her love for fashion.

It’s also a handy gift idea as you won’t need to worry about their taste in clothes or size, as this is all addressed during the experience itself, so you won’t have to worry about any awkward silences when she opens your gift. Find out more here.

#03 Photoshoot

Fashion and style are things that sometimes need to be captured to fully appreciate, and that’s something you can offer with a professional photoshoot. There’s a huge difference between taking pictures yourself and having them professionally captured, along with the added benefit of having them touched up and even printed.

It can make for a great way for her to express her sense of style and create memories which will be beautifully presented and have her feeling like a model.

#04 Holiday to a fashion capital

Another gift idea for a lady who seemingly has it all is a holiday to one of Europe’s leading fashion destinations. We’re lucky to have a whole host of cities that are synonymous with fashion which you can touch down in within a few hours of boarding a flight. From the likes of fashion capitals such as Paris and Milan, to emerging cities such as Antwerp and Copenhagen.

Each city offers it’s own sense of fashion inspiration and are home to numerous shops to keep her busy, making a long weekend in either one of these cities will be a dream for a fashion forward female.

#05 Fashion week tickets

This might sound obvious but chances are you haven’t even considered it. Fashion week events are awash with new designs and eye-catching looks, perfect for a fashion enthused individual to feast their eyes on. We’re fortunate enough to have our own London Fashion Week which means you don’t even have to cross shores to attend it.

Tickets are priced in 3 different price bands, each of which grant access to different areas of the show which range from access to shops, industry talks and cat walks. With the next event being held in February 2018, getting tickets for Christmas will allow for just enough time for her to prepare for the event.

Final words

So there you have it, not your typical list of gift ideas but a select few that are aimed towards those fashion loving females. We’re sure either one of these gifts will prove to be a surprise they’ll absolutely love, which means it’s now up to you to deicide which one you go for.

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