With Christmas around the corner we’re sure there are plenty of you out there scrambling to get your shopping done in time in the coming weeks. But why not make the most of the time you do have now and get your gifts out of the way.

Buying gifts for Christmas can be a tricky process, especially if you’re buying for a fashion obsessed friend or family member. Thankfully we’ve eased some of the pain with a few ideas on what to get those individuals who have a taste for style. Fashion is something which is very subjective – and in many cases if someone cares enough about it then they’re likely to have their own preferences. So how do you go about buying a present for someone who has an acquired taste?

We’ve listed a few option below.

Keep it in line with their personal interests

A great way of making sure they like the clothing or accessories you get them is by tying it into their personal interests. Think about their hobbies or other things which appeal to them during their down time and get something that reflects this.

There are plenty of stylish accessories you can find featuring the things they love. For example items such as novelty cufflinks themed for football, rugby or cricket would go down a treat with sports fans. Alternatively you can opt for pocket squares or ties with a print which is in line with their interests. This also helps to add a personal touch to the gift and displays a degree of thought went into purchasing the product.

Give them the freedom of a gift card

The gift card is probably the ultimate “play it safe” option however it’s also the one which gives the recipient what they ultimately want. Getting a gift card for their favourite store will allow them to go and purchase what they please.

Don’t worry about it not looking substantial as a gift as ultimately all we really care about when receiving a gift is the thought that’s gone into it – and knowing you can buy what you actually want as opposed to pretending to be happy settling with a gift you aren’t actually keen on is a massive plus.

Offer them a bespoke gift

What do we mean by offering a bespoke gift? Well, give them the chance to personalise the actual outfit so it’s to their taste and style preference. At Hemingway we offer a tailoring experience which not only allows them to have their suit/shirt designed how they’d like, they also get to experience first class tailoring for themselves. This makes it the ideal gift for fashion lovers who might be hard to please or really enjoy the finer aspects of clothing.

Buying a Christmas present for someone who is style conscious can be a difficult task and knowing exactly what they’ll like is never a certainty. However by giving allowing them to have a say in the final product or relating it to their existing interests, you give yourself a great chance of finding a gift they’ll love.

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