Canadian tailor creates classy bulletproof suit

Every man who dons a bespoke suit hopes he’ll look just like James Bond, but a Canadian tailor has actually created a suit that will ensure you are just as suave and unstoppable as the man himself – perhaps even more so! While it might look like an ordinary suit, this particular three-piece ensemble has been created with both style and safety in mind. In short, it’s bulletproof!

The company, Garrison Bespoke, used lightweight carbon nanotube technology to absorb impact from bullets fired from handguns and prevent punctures from knife attacks, as a way of protecting a select few customers from being knocked off when embarking on dangerous journeys. The idea behind the $20,000 suit was inspired by a conversation between the company’s head of special projects, David Tran, and a client who had been shot at in a foreign country. From there, Tran began to look into how he could combine smart and sensible tailoring with body armour and eventually found himself reaching out to contractors who had previously provided elite body armour to US special forces in Iraq.

Made-to-measure safety considerations

The suit is first made-to-measure to ensure it fits the customer well, before six thin nanotube sheets are slipped into the lining of the back of the suit jacket and in the front of the vest. So thin and neatly packed are the sheets that the suit remains well fitted and looks crisp and clean –  a would-be assassin would have no idea that the wearer was immune to attack. Tran said that, ‘A lot of men in the finance industry, or mining and oil, have confessed that when they’re in dangerous places they feel really on edge [...] it affects their performance at a high-level strategic meeting. So it had to be completely discreet. If it’s bulky, it’s signalling to the other party the wrong message.’

At Hemingway Tailors we strive to create bespoke suits that give the desired impression for each of our customers – regardless of their intended use. We use the finest fabrics, components and standards of workmanship to produce clothing of the highest quality and style. If you’re in need of a unique suit, whatever the occasion, contact one of our expert tailors today.

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