When choosing a bespoke or made-to-measure suit, the variety of materials from which to choose can be fairly overwhelming. And here at Hemingway Tailors, with a choice of over no less than 3,000 materials, it’s fair to say the selection you make will definitely be unique to you. But if you are a little fed up of the usual suspects of cotton, wool and linen, take a look at the four alternative suit fabrics we’ve profiled below...


During the cold, winter months, the soft and durable fabric that is flannel is ideal for a robust, warming bespoke suit. However, this durability can come at a price, as the fabric can be a tad heavy. But when the weather starts to thaw a little, flannel will keep you warm enough to allow you to throw a fashionable scarf around your neck and be ready to go.


This popular suit fabric is just ever so slightly heavier than woollen suits but are renowned for being ultra comfortable and soft. However, Cashmere suits can be a tad cost prohibitive for many of us and now and again tend to show their age, but here at Hemingway, we dispel such notions with some amazing cashmere suits, ideal for weddings, high-end luncheons and even at night-time, too.


Another one for the winter season, herringbone suits are synonymous with the heavy nature of its materials, thus making it perfect for a fashionable winter suit – meaning it will probably be better stored away in the warmer months. But there are so many plus points, namely its durability, the fact it is so hard to wrinkle and crease and the sheer warmth of it.


Probably the least known of the four, poplin is lightweight and both soft and smooth. Also known as tabinet, it’s a fairly strong fabric in a plain weave of almost any fibre of blend that has cross wire ribs that typically give a corded surface.

In conclusion, no one fabric is ‘better’ than the other; it depends on the time of year and place in which you’ll be strutting your stuff. But one thing is clear, and that is there’s definitely room in your wardrobe to try something a little bit different next year. If you’re up for a bit of a change in 2016, be sure to contact us today or take a look at our regularly updated blog for the latest hints and tips on bespoke tailoring.

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