A perfectly tailored suit is a work of art. Comprised of precision cut pieces made to the wearer’s exact form and measurements, every element and detail considered in the process contributes to the superior finish of the end product.

Unless you are lucky enough to conform to textbook proportions (and let’s face it who is?!) the only way to find your perfectly fitting suit is to visit a master tailor. Whether you opt for a made to measure garment or a hand sewn bespoke suit, utilising a professional’s expertise in this area really is the only way you can guarantee utter perfection. As with all highly skilled craftsmen, Hemingway’s tailors are highly experienced in their complicated art, producing impeccably constructed garments that fit and flatter the body every time.

Fit aside, creating your own tailored suit also offers you the added bonus of owning something truly individual - a suit in your favourite style and cut, made from exquisite fabrics and with customised finishing touches. The entire process can take several months and several fittings to perfect, but the end result is certainly worth the wait.

The following ten factors all contribute to achieving a suit with a perfect fit and are incorporated into the creative process of every garment Hemingway’s master tailors produce.

#1: A time-saving visiting tailor service

We fully understand the demands of modern life and so make the tailoring process as easy and convenient as it possibly can be. A rushed consultation or fitting won’t benefit the end result so we offer a visiting tailor service, enabling consultations to take place when and where it suits you. Be it your home or place of work, this service saves you vital travelling time, enabling us to spend longer on the consultation, in surroundings that are convenient and familiar to you.

#2: In-depth initial consultation to establish your requirements

This is where the fun begins! During an initial consultation, our expert tailors will discuss with you your style preferences and requirements. Here everything is considered from where the suit is to be worn, to the season, current trends and the most flattering cuts for your shape. Our tailored suits might fit perfectly, but without speaking with you at length about your requisites, we’re unable to craft a unique suit that meets your needs as well as your form.

#3: Selecting fabrics and linings from the world’s finest cloth makers

Once the purpose and style are confirmed, our expert tailors are then able to assist you to choose fabrics and linings for your tailored suit. We’ll offer recommendations based on your needs, whether it’s a lightweight fabric suitable for a hot summer wedding or a more hardwearing material for everyday garments, we can advise on the best available options. We have literally thousands of cloths to choose from, all produced in the world’s most prestigious mills and with our help you can be sure that you’ll find exactly what you are looking for. We also offer innumerable customisation options such as personalised linings and pocket styles, ensuring that a client’s preferences and our expertise work together to create the ideal suit.

#4: Measure, measure and measure again

Given that we’re creating a garment with a perfect fit, you’d hope that we’d measure you, wouldn’t you? We don’t just glance at you and throw you a standard sized jacket that probably fits! We take dozens of measurements which are then used to craft a tailored suit that’s made to fit and flatter every inch of your body.

#5: Figure analysis to guarantee a perfect fit

Aside from your actual measurements, there are other elements of your body that affect the fit of a suit. Gait is one such factor. We all walk in different ways, and the fit of the suit must work with your unique walking style, or else it will look odd. Sleeve pitch and positioning can also make or break a suit and have a real effect on the overall look of a jacket. Hemingway’s experienced tailors will look at every detail of your form, ensuring that these factors are considered and addressed during the creation of your suit.

#6: Fittings ensure the suit is sculpted to your shape

Whether you opt for a made to measure or a bespoke suit, you’ll benefit from having a dedicated fitting with your tailor to ensure that your suit fits like a glove (our made to measure service offers one fitting and our bespoke service up to four). During a fitting, we’ll point out areas that could use some adjustment, and explain the steps we’ll take to improve them.

#7: Traditional canvas linings aid an excellent fit

In addition to using the finest fabrics and threads available, Hemingway’s bespoke suits are fully canvassed, ensuring that they are of the highest quality. This means that the lining and the outer fabric aren’t glued together – there is an inner layer of canvas that holds the outer two layers together. Our made to measure suits are also half canvassed. A fully or half canvassed suit will last much longer than a totally fused, off-the-rack garment and its fit will also improve over time as the canvas conforms to your body shape.

#8: Finishing touches to show off your personal style and flair

Aside from the actual construction and design of the suit, the beauty of a bespoke or made to measure garment is that you’re able to add your own aesthetic touches to it. From monogramming on the cuff, lining or collar, to the addition of bespoke buttons or coloured button holes, a bespoke suit enables you to show off your own true sense of style.

#9: Patience. Because perfection is worth the wait

Achieving the perfect fit isn’t an instantaneous process. A bespoke Hemingway suit takes around 60 hours to create whilst a made to measure suit requires about 20 hours of craftsmanship. It is not unusual for the entire process to take up to three months in total but by dedicating dozens of hours to crafting every suit, we’re able to ensure a top quality result. We won’t rush or cut corners.

#10: Attentive aftercare service to refresh and revive your suit

Once the suit has been created to our high standards and once you’re perfectly happy with the garment, our work still isn’t done. We also offer a thorough aftercare service which includes sponging, pressing and carrying out any necessary repairs to ensure that your suit looks its best for years to come.

If you’d like to kick off the process and become the proud owner of your very own perfectly fitting suit, book an appointment with us online today or call 0800 5423406.

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