So, we’ve convinced you that a made to measure suit really is better than off the rack? Fantastic; it undoubtedly looks great on you. But do you feel as though something is missing? Your trousers are the perfect length - as are your sleeves - you’re thrilled with the fine fabric, the stylish cut and the beautiful silk lining, so why do you feel incomplete? Because you’re lacking the accessories, that’s why! A man is never fully dressed until he has added the final necessities to his outfit. They can add colour to an otherwise incomplete look, highlight a particular part of your suit and offer a touch more personality. So let’s take a look at what five accessories every man should own...

Tie - If the occasion calls for a tie, then you must wear a tie - and sometimes even if it doesn’t, wearing a tie anyway is still acceptable. It is the most basic of accessories, but you can still spice things up by experimenting with the type of tie you wear - from the classic bow, to straight, to skinny - as well as the colour and the knot. If you’ve played it safe with a fairly standard coloured suit, add a pop of colour with a brightly coloured tie. Textured fabrics and intricate patterns are a great way to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Tie pin -Not only stylish, but practical too, the tie pin is used to keep you tie held down to your shirt to avoid an unkempt appearance. The styles and shapes available are endless, from blingy diamond-encrusted bars to more subtle, standard silver and gold clips. Your tie pin can say a lot about your character, so pick one that best reflects your style. You’ll be surprised at how a simple clip can transform your look.

Cufflinks - Cufflinks are only ever worn with double cuffs, and while there might be names for certain styles of cufflinks, they all do the same job - hold the cuff together. You’re likely to find cufflinks in every shape or design imaginable, from your favourite designer logo to a cartoon character, but if you want to remain stylish and current, we recommend simply matching the colour of your cufflinks to your suit, or to the metal of your watch or tie pin.

Pocket square - A pocket square has got to be one of the easiest ways to push your personal style to the next level. They look smart, chic and fashionable. Like a tie, there are a range of colours and styles of pocket square available, and the right style for you might depend on the type of breast pocket on your suit jacket. When it comes to choosing the right colour or material, there are a few options. You can either choose a colour that really stands out against your suit, like a red pocket square against a navy suit with a white shirt, or you can try to find an exact match of another colour you’re already wearing. A classic look is to wear a white pocket square with a white shirt.

Watch - Often, with a nice suit comes a nice watch. While you don’t need to spend a fortune on an expensive watch to go with an expensive looking suit, you must be careful when selecting what watch to wear with your suit. For example, wearing a casual sports watch can really take away from the effect the tailored suit is creating. A dress watch is best (these are very seldom digital), but a simple silver or gold will look smart against a neat cuff. If you can, try to match the colour of the strap with your metal accessories.

Now, you’re fully dressed and looking the part. For further details or advice on how to style your tailored suit or to see what services Hemingway Tailors can offer you, browse our blog and website.

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