Bespoke tailoring is a fine art, and the skill of the tailor himself will go a long way towards determining how the suit looks on you - the end result will certainly be more debonair than Debenhams! Some of the skill in pulling off a tailored suit, however, comes from the wearer. You could simply throw a beautiful suit jacket over your shoulders, slip on your tailored trousers and bespoke shirt and have done with it - but where’s the individuality in that? Accessorising a bespoke suit is half the fun, and once you’ve chosen the perfect watch, tie, tie bar, cufflinks and pocket square to go with your tailored suit, you ought to consider these additional suave accessories, too!


A correctly tailored pair of trousers will of course never need a belt - they will sit on your waistline as comfortable and snug as a pair of elasticated pyjama bottoms. A belt, however, is more than a purely functional item, and you may find that a beautiful leather belt is just the item you need to set off the rest of your outfit. A belt, then, is a sartorial decision that comes down to you alone, but there are still rules you need to apply! A leather or high-quality faux-leather belt should be your only port of call, with brown and black shades the most appropriate for your suit. Remember, buy a belt that is one size larger than your standard waist size, and if it’s too long, shorten it. Brown belts should never be worn with a black suit, either!


Even the most beautiful suit can be spoilt by shoddy footwear. If you care about your style (and if you’ve bought a made-to-measure suit from Hemingway Tailors then of course you do!), purchasing the right pair of shoes should be every bit as exciting as selecting your suit itself. Brogues, Oxfords, and Chelsea boots are all suitable footwear choices for a tailored suit, but take care when matching the style, finish and colour of your shoe to that of your suit. Matching your footwear with your suit can be an artform in itself, but adventurous style choices can often pay off if you know what you’re doing!


Every well-dressed man ought to have a nice wallet to take out with him in his tailored suit. When it comes to choosing your wallet, your options will often be dictated by your choice of footwear - generally, it makes sartorial sense to match the colour and finish of your wallet to that of your belt and shoes. So, if you have a tan leather belt and tan leather brogues, a tan leather wallet is the obvious accoutrement! When taking a wallet out with you, remember to pick a slim design and carry it in the inside breast pocket of your jacket - wearing it in your trouser pocket will spoil the careful lines of the tailoring.


Sunglasses aren’t an everyday necessity for the suit-wearing gentleman, but if the well-dressed dandies of the continent have taught us nothing else, it’s that a man never looks cooler than when dressed in an impeccably tailored suit and a well-chosen pair of shades. While large-lensed aviator style sunglasses and thick framed designs are popular at the moment, you must always choose a pair of sunglasses that suits the shape of your face. The tint is important, too, as is the colour of the frames themselves - you don’t want to buy anything that clashes with the rest of your outfit!


Like a pair of sunglasses, the hat is not a necessity to accompany your suit. In fact, many men have made the mistake of attempting to wear a hat with their tailored suit and missing the style mark by a distressingly wide margin. Hats used to be an integral part of a gentleman’s wardrobe, however, and they’re slowly making their way back into fashion once more, so now may be the time to brush up on hat-wearing etiquette. Fedoras, trilbys, bowlers and pork pie hats are all suitable haberdashery choices for your tailored suit, but matching them with your outfit and the shape of your face can be a challenge.

Choosing the right accessories for your suit can be as enjoyable and exciting as choosing your new made-to-measure garments themselves, so get out there and get accessorising! Keep an eye on the Hemingway Tailors blog for more suit style guides in future, and contact us for more information regarding how to look your best in your Hemingway Tailors bespoke suit.

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