At Hemingway we place a huge onus on the tailoring experience we provide. From the very first measure up to the final few alterations, your needs are our foremost concern. Realising how much people embrace and enjoy the experience of having a tailor made suit crafted for them, we have made available the gift of a complete tailoring experience, and ultimately a made to measure or bespoke tailor made suit.

A gift like no other

So why is the Suit in a Box a gift that’s so special? Well it’s simple, with the suit in a box you aren’t only giving the gift of a suit but more importantly you’re giving the gift of what for many is a few (if not a once) in a lifetime tailoring experience.

A Hemingway made to measure or bespoke suit takes hours to create with multiple fittings taking place along the way. Each of these fittings will see the recipient of your gift witness their suit gradually come to completion, crafted to their body measurements to provide the perfect fit. It’s an experience commonly enjoyed by the celebs and now you can offer it to someone too.

While you could opt for alternative gifts, you do have to ask yourself whether they’ll be seen as being “special”, especially since many lack that personal touch. On the other hand, the care and consideration placed in purchasing and giving a suit in a box is reflected by the manner in which the tailoring process takes place. Our tailors are happy to visit the recipient at a time and place which is most suitable to them, whether that be their work place or at home - or alternatively they can come see our tailors on Savile Row or in Leeds, Yorkshire. We aim to make the process as convenient as possible to ensure it remains pleasurable from start to finish.

To add to the personal aspects of this gift the recipient also has the option of customising the suit in a wide number of ways. They’re able to dictate things such as the number buttons they’d like to have on their jacket, the colour of the threading, the placement of the vents, plus many more. Not only does this culminate to provide a truly unforgettable experience but also ensures the final suit is to their exact taste, now it doesn’t get much more personal than that.

Made to Measure vs Bespoke

Regardless of whether you gift a made to measure or a bespoke suit the experience is sure to be exceptional. A made to measure suit involves taking a pre made suit pattern which is altered based on the body and preferences of the recipient. A bespoke suit however sees the tailoring process start with detailed measurements being taken of the recipient’s body, with the suit then crafted from these. The bespoke tailor made suit grants an extensive range of options for customisation and multiple fittings which is why we call it the “ultimate tailoring experience”.

Now there aren’t many gifts which make someone feel as special before, during and after they’ve received it in the way that a suit in a box from Hemingway does. So whether you’re buying it for a loved one, or to thank or congratulate a friend or work associate, provide them with an experience they’ll be sure to remember you by. If you’re interested in the Suit in a Box then be sure to get in touch for more information.

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