A tailor’s advice, man to man: what to wear when…

Everyone needs a little help when it comes to suits, not just with style and fit, but also with which suits to wear at particular times or events. With so much variety available in jacket styles, ties, waistcoats, shirts and shoes, amongst others, it’s no wonder many people are stumped when it comes to deciding what to wear to events with no formally agreed dress code. Luckily, at Hemingway Tailors we not only specialise in creating bespoke suits and tailoring to your needs, we’re experts in dressing for the occasion, so we can help. Whether you have an important meeting to attend, a party or wedding to go to, or you’re planning a romantic date and want to dress to impress, we can advise you what suit to wear and how to wear it…

A formal occasion

A formal occasion doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go for black tie and don a tuxedo – although there aren’t many who can’t pull one off and cut a dashing figure. You need only opt for a classic, tailored suit with a one-button closure for a slick and polished look. Any suit that fits well will look smart, but for a formal occasion, a tie or some description is an essential. A pocket square, cufflinks and well-polished boots or shoes will add to your look and give you the freedom to add some touches of personality to an otherwise standard look. Choose bold colours and textures to stand out in a crowd, though pair these with more muted tones to maintain a classic look.

A casual affair

Everyone worries about what they will wear to a formal event, but really it is a casual affair that can prove the most difficult to dress for. When meeting friends after work or just popping to the pub, you could probably get away with wearing just about anything. However, if you want to make an impression and gain the reputation of being the well-dressed one who takes care over his appearance, all you need is a little tailoring. Well-fitting jeans with a tailored suit jacket and shirt creates a fashionably casual look that doesn’t take much consideration and can be put together with ease.

A first date

You’ve set the date, now you need to decide what to wear for it! Obviously this will depend on where you’re taking your date, but if you’re going out for dinner or for drinks, you’ll want to look smart to make a good impression. While you may not want to look as though you’ve tried too hard, you should look as though you’ve put some effort in. Why not team a thin wool jumper with tailored chinos and a shirt, and make the jacket optional depending on the weather and the need for layers? A tie isn’t necessary, so feel free to unbutton your shirt a little. Don’t necessarily button up your jacket: even if it’s tailored enough to make sure you’re comfortable, the last thing you want is to come across as being too formal and stiff.

In the office

Whatever your job, when working in an office it is always wise to dress smartly. As well as contributing to the respect you colleagues will give you and catching the eye of your superiors, it can also have a significant personal psychological effect. Often, the more casual your outfit, the more casual your attitude is likely to be toward your work. If your office doesn’t require you to wear a full suit, leave the tie at home and choose a shirt that will work well when worn without a jacket in the office. Certain materials or styles of suit will look more formal or casual than others; for example, a pinstripe often gives a far more formal impression.

A tailored suit needn’t be kept aside exclusively for occasions that require you to dress smartly. Instead, pairing it with different accessories, shirts and jumpers can create a variety of looks suitable for all occasions, which is why every man should own one.  For more advice on how to wear or take care of your suit, be sure to check our regularly updated blog. To start planning your ideal suit, browse our website or contact a member of the team, today.

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