What is a suit to you: an uncomfortable necessity to be worn at work, or perhaps a garment that sees the light of day once or twice a year at weddings? At Hemingway Tailors, tailored clothing is our raison d’etre and the bespoke suit our chef d'oeuvre. At both our London and Leeds-based branches our experienced tailors take great pleasure in creating luxury tailored garments for our customers. Each bespoke suit that we tailor will take a minimum of 55 hours’ work – more in most cases. This blog post cannot hope to cover each part of the bespoke suit making process in detail or portray the intricacy and attention to detail that Hemingway tailors must possess, but broadly speaking, what are the procedures involved in tailoring bespoke suits? Read on to find out.

The fitting

First and foremost, there is no limit to the number of visits that a customer may make to a Hemingway tailor – anticipate as many as it takes for both customer and tailor to be completely satisfied with the fit. Each Hemingway tailorhas a wealth of experience, and as suchonce you enter one of our shopsour staff will immediately make assessments on your sizing, figure, gait and style. By making you completely at ease, we will not only ensure that you are comfortable but will also guarantee that our assessments and measurements are accurate. Besides taking your measurements, our tailors will need to know what situations the suit should befit – a suit that you will be travelling in needs to be made from a material that can stand up to the rigours of such use, whereas a wedding garment is something else entirely. In addition, to make the perfect suit we will ask in which seasons you think you are most likely to use the garment – some materials are heavier and warmer than others and so should be avoided in suits meant for summer use. The final topic for discussion will be the customer’s desired material. This is no easy task at Hemingway – we have thousands for you to choose from. Don’t let this daunt you however, as our tailors are happy to discuss your choice for as long as necessary.

 Visiting tailoring service

Too busy to visit us at either our London or Leeds office? Hemingway Tailors are happy to be able to bring Savile Row to you through our visiting tailoring service. When visiting you at your home or place of work, one of our tailors will carry out the same professional service as described above but at your convenience and in an environment that you’re completely comfortable with.

Making the suit

Upon the final decision of suit size, style and material, our tailors can begin the intricate process of making your suit. Tailoring is an art, and at Hemingway we do not believe that it is something that can be rushed – quite the opposite in fact. In making the garment, each procedure is as important as the last. One process in particular, however, will help to distinguish a standard off-the-peg suit from a true bespoke garment. That is canvassing. Canvas – the material that is stitched directly underneath the outer fabric – will not only hold the shape of the suit and extend the suit’s longevity but will also naturally conform to your body’s exact shape. A Hemingway Tailors suit will, therefore, improve and look better with age.

If you are interested in the superior service provided by Hemingway Tailors then please do not hesitate to contact us and book an appointment today.

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