Although every gentleman should keep a well fitted suit in their wardrobe for any occasion they might need it, there are also other wardrobe essentials that are vital to have.

But what exactly should a gentleman keep in his wardrobe? What are the ultimate staples they need?

Here is Hemingway’s guide to a gentleman’s wardrobe essentials…

Cashmere jumper

Perfect for those colder months, a cashmere jumper is great for the autumn or winter. Any colour goes well, this is all down to personal preference. However, a classic grey, navy or dark green would suit well, especially with a pair of beige chinos for a casual day out with friends or family. Purchasing a good quality cashmere jumper will ensure that it lasts even after washing several times, so if you’re looking to buy one make sure that it states on the tag how to wash it.

Sports jacket

Slightly less formal than a suit jacket, a sports jacket or blazer is handy to have in your wardrobe for any occasion where the dress code might be ‘smart casual’ but isn’t a wedding or an office outing. This kind of jacket still brings out that effortless, sophisticated vibe and looks great in a dark colour such as navy or grey. Again, this would go well with a nice pair of chinos, possibly beige, and a white or pale blue shirt. Stylish but not too over-the-top.

White shirt

A crisp, white shirt is an absolute must-have, you simply can’t go wrong. Either worn open-collared with chinos or with a tie and suit of any colour, a classic white shirt goes with literally anything. No matter what the occasion may be, a white shirt can be worn for any occasion and can be dressed up or down for either day or night. Versatile and practical.

Trench coat

Trench coats are ideal for either autumn or spring when the weather is a little crisp, and believe it or not, there are other colours available out there other than just beige. Coloured trench coats such as black, navy, brown and even burgundy have been spotted in many high end retail stores and online for men, and go fantastic with a grey suit for that formal office meeting. Alternatively, wear with a cashmere jumper, black trousers and black shoes for a daytime look that’s perfect for those casual days.


Great for that ‘smart casual’ dress code when you don’t want to dig out the suit, chinos look good on anyone and are essential for every gentleman. Everyone seems to think beige and neutral when one says ‘chinos’, but there are actually a range of different colours out there that suit well with a good shirt or jumper. Depending on your office dress code, you could even wear chinos for work if you’re spending the day at your desk and don’t have any meetings or office trips planned. For a more dressed down look, opt for a polo shirt for those weekend days.

Brown brogues

A classic style that will always be on trend, a pair of brown brogues go well with anything you have in your wardrobe. For dressy occasions or heading out to grab lunch with friends, brown brogues suit well for anywhere and any time.

And now for the accessories…


A gentleman needs a good pair of cufflinks hands down. Cufflinks go well with any outfit, you simply need a long-sleeved shirt with the right holes in the cuff and there you have it. An accessory that goes with anything, cufflinks are great for adding a little personality to your look.


A good old watch is a mandatory accessory for any man. Whether you prefer a metal strap or a leather strap, an eye catching watch sets off any outfit. If you like wearing a watch and want an alternative to an everyday option, you could opt for a silver watch to wear on an evening and go for a black or brown leather watch for day time.

Weekend bag

Do you travel a lot for business? Or maybe you like heading off for the weekend? Having a strong weekend bag or holdall is a must for those who like to travel. Make sure it can hold all of your clothing essentials and has a firm handle so it won’t tear or rip when you’re carrying it.


For those rainy days, an umbrella is a wise choice to have on hand in your wardrobe. Avoid brightly coloured
umbrellas if you’re wanting it to complete your look, go for black, grey or white so you can pair it with any outfit.


When the sun is shining, a good pair of sunglasses can really complete your look. Whether you prefer aviators or wayfarers, having a pair of black or brown sunglasses is a necessity for every gentleman. 

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