The morning suit is one which on occasion is misunderstood or completely disregarded, and therefore doesn’t always get a fair look in when it comes to outfit selection. However, when considering a look for formal daytime events such as weddings, it’s a look which could be worth keeping in mind.

What is it about morning suits that makes them so fitting for formal daytime events? We’ve looked at why you might want to opt for the morning suit along with how to put a look together below.


With morning suits declining in popularity over the last century, occasions which are seen as fitting to wear them have also declined. It’s a look which is now primarily seen at royal events, weddings and occasionally at social gatherings such a horse racing events. For the vast majority of us, weddings make for the most likely event to wear one. They’re perfectly suited for the groom himself or even the father, brothers or groom’s men and can add a degree of sophistication to the event given the general prestige associated with the garment.

The morning suit makes for a great alternative when you want to switch things up from regular jacket and trouser suit combinations. Many people also make the mistake of donning black tie attire when looking for an alternative to traditional suits, however this should remain solely as evening wear. Therefore, the morning suit once more make for a fitting alternative to provide the elegance on a par with black tie attire but appropriate for day time events.

Putting together a morning suit

The morning suit doesn’t play by the same rules as regular suits do. The choice of colour combinations and the way in which they’re brought together stray away from the traditions of regular suits. To begin with, in most instances, the only black visible on the outfit should be of the morning coat with the rest of the suit being be made up of complementary colours. The coat itself is not a traditional suit jacket, instead a cutaway coat or morning coat is worn which offers more finesse and elegance given the shape of the garment. The morning coat is longer than a traditional suit jacket and the front panels are shaped to create an opening which reveals the trousers.
Under the coat you have a few options of attire. While you can play around with the colour of the shirt, pale shades are recommended for most occasions. In addition to this shirts with white collars should also be worn, and while this isn’t a must, it certainly helps to complete the sharp look.

Most morning suits are worn as a 3 piece which means you have the choice of adding an extra bit of character to your look with the help of a waistcoat. Given the fact that morning suits are most commonly worn for formal events, there’s a good chance you’ll want to tone things down in terms of your choice of colour for your waistcoat. A soft shade of grey usually makes for a great addition to the outfit.

Most commonly, grey or charcoal coloured trousers are used to accompany the outfit, however you do have the option to veer towards darker washed out shades of blue. You can also opt for pin striped trousers which help to distinguish dark trousers from the morning coat.

If you’re wanting to add a dash of colour to your look to tie it into a specific theme or colour scheme then you accessories offer the perfect opportunity to do so. You can afford to get creative with your choice of pocket square and tie/cravat but be sure to do it tastefully so as to make sure you don’t take anything away from your look in an aesthetic sense.

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