So the summer is almost here (or so we’re led to believe) and with it we’re sure there’ll be some semblance of sun. Chances are you’ll still want to wear your suit but staying cool can be an issue. Thankfully for you we’ve look at 7 ways you can stay comfortable in the summer sun and avoid those dreaded sweat beads from appearing

Choose a thinner material

Going for a much thinner material can make all of the difference in the summer. Linen and cotton suits are recommended for the warmer weather however the downside of them is that they will wrinkle easily so keep this in mind while you’re wearing them.

Another material which is an option for the summer is silk, however it is better suited to casual suits given its sheen and probably not one for those that take a more reserved approach to their outfits.

Dress in lighter colours

As we know darker colour absorb more heat, so in order to stay cool this summer why not opt for a suit in a lighter colour. If you aren’t used to being to being too adventurous with your colours then a tan or grey suit is probably ideal, however for those willing to try something more extravagant you can go for a pastel shade of blue or green – or really turn heads with a white suit.

Opt for a blazer without lining

To increase the effect of picking a thinner material you can also find a blazer without lining. This will further decrease both the weight and thickness of the blazer making it a more comfortable choice for summer. One thing to note with unlined blazers is that they can lose their shape quicker as a result of not having support from a lining, however due to the limited wear you’re likely to get out of it in a typical British summer, this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Don’t wear a tie

Ties can leave you feeling very suffocated in the summer, so if it’s appropriate to do so then get rid of the tie and undo your top buttons to allow yourself to breathe with a little more ease. If you’re wearing a tie purely to add character to your look then you can still achieve a similar result by adding a pocket square to your blazer.

Wear a short sleeved shirt

Another way of keeping yourself cool in the summer is by switching your long sleeve shirts for short sleeved ones. While it does give a more casual look, you can afford to get away with it for formal occasions if you’re planning on wearing a blazer which you know you won’t be removing.

Go sockless with no break trousers

Opting for trousers with no break can allow for some much needed exposure to your ankles which will feel more refreshing than you’d think -  and a great way to accompany this look is to leave the ankles bare by either not wearing any socks or wearing sports socks which remain hidden in your shoes.

Go even shorter with shorts

For those who just can’t handle the heat there is the option to go for a suit with shorts. Obviously this is a casual look therefore you can allow yourself to experiment a little with colours by pairing up different blazers with shorts. Short suits are however probably better suited to the more slender gentleman.

At Hemingway we cater for both made to measure and bespoke clothing, and we don’t just create full suits, if you’d just like to have a tailored blazer or trouser on its own we can also create that. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you.

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