Wearing a tailor made suit to make the right impression is all good and well, however if you turn up in a suit which is creased and looking worn, then all that time, money and effort is pretty much wasted. This can often be the case when travelling for business or interviews – involving long journeys, multiple modes of transport along with a night or two in a hotel, which ultimately takes its toll on your suit. Travelling can make looking after your suit a tricky task, so it’s important you take extra care and you’re fully prepared to ensure you look just as sharp as you intended to when you get to your meeting. We’ve outlined some tips that we’re sure you’ll find useful the next time you set off on your travels.

Use a garment bag

Rule number one is to pack your suit in a garment bag. If you’re away on a short trip and only need one suit, then a garment bag is a must. High quality garment bags will allow enough room for your suit to breathe while avoiding it from getting creased.

Packing correctly

If you don’t have a garment bag or find yourself needing to carry a few suits, then you need to ensure you pack your clothes appropriately to minimise creasing. We’d recommend folding your suit jacket inside out which will allow it to remain a little more protected. Here’s a handy little guide on how to fold a suit from businessinsider.com.

Unpack as soon as possible

If you’re carrying a number of items then we’d recommend you unpack as soon as you reach your hotel or wherever you’re staying. It’s inevitable that your clothes will experience a degree of creasing during your travel so allow your suit to rest and ease out any creases by hanging as soon as possible.

Spot clean

A nightmare scenario when travelling or staying away from home is getting dirty marks on your suit. This can sometimes cause people to panic and take their suit straight to the nearest dry cleaners in an attempt to quickly fix the problem. This should be avoided whenever possible; not only will it take longer to dry but suits in general can be damaged by the chemicals used when washed at a dry cleaner’s. Instead you should look to spot clean your suit where needed, this will help to preserve the suit while increasing the likelihood of it also drying in time for its next use.

Steam it, don’t iron

A great way to protect your suit and also get rid of any creasing is to give it a quick steam blast as opposed to actually ironing it. If where you’re staying doesn’t have a steamer then you can try leaving it hung up in the bathroom and running a hot shower. The steam generated through this will in most cases help to ease out the majority of creases.

Use a lint brush

The final touch in ensuring you’re looking your very bust is to regularly give your suit a once over with a lint brush. This will help to remove and dirt and hairs that may have lodged themselves in your suit through previous wear. With them needing little room in your luggage there’s no reason to not have one with you.

If you have any further travel tips that you like to use to keep your suit looking fresh then let us know on our social media pages.

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