The traditional summer wedding season is dawning on us – which means there are sure to be a number of grooms-to-be hoping to play their role impeccably in the run up to the wedding and on the big day itself.
However, guys will always be guys, which means we’re usually a small slip away from making a mistake. With more pressure on your other half to arrange all of the finer details for the wedding, there’s likely to be an added degree of tension at times making it even more important for you to say and do the right things.
In order to help you get through the preparations for the wedding, here are 5 mistakes you should never make.

NEVER tell her "I don't mind"

If your partner is asking for your opinion then you need to give her a fitting answer. Saying “I don’t mind” will sound like you simply don’t care, and while we’re sure this isn’t the case, your soon-to-be partner for life might not see it like this. Remember that she most likely has a dream wedding in mind (which has been sat there for years) so every nuance of detail will probably mean more to her than you might realise.
It doesn’t mean you have to be a “yes man”, just offer an answer so she feels her decisions are being supported, and try to offer an alternative solution if you whole-heartedly disagree with something.

NEVER settle for an ill-fitting suit

It should really go without saying, but make sure your suit is well fitted. It is your big day after all, so be prepared to go the extra mile and ensure you not only look your very best but also feel comfortable in your attire for the day – and trust us, a perfectly fitted suit will certainly make you feel like the star of the show (alongside your partner of course).
Not sure what “well fitted” should feel/look like? Follow this little guide.

NEVER buy without consulting your partner

One of the last things you want to do is go ahead and buy your wedding suit without discussing it with your other half. There’s a very good chance that she’ll want to coordinate your looks, so going out and choosing something that takes your fancy without any regard for what she wants will most likely not go down too well.
A disagreement at this stage will only waste time and you’ll eventually have to settle for something else anyway - so avoid the problems and make your suit selection is a joint process.

NEVER leave alterations to the last minute

If your suit needs adjustments then be sure to get them done in good time. Your body shape won’t change too drastically over a few weeks so give yourself an ample about of leigh way to ensure it’s done in time.
Similarly, if you’re having a bespoke suit made from scratch then you’ll want to give yourself enough time to have it created. They tend to take a minimum of 12 weeks so bare this in mind when planning when you’ll start the process.

NEVER let your best men out of control

While the wedding day is one to be celebrated, it should be done so in a way which is respectful to both the families of the bride and groom, along with all the other guests. This means that you might need to have a word with your groomsmen beforehand to outline what you consider as being acceptable on the day.

A final note

So, there you have a few pointers to follow that should help to ensure things run smoothly in the build up to and on the day itself - which should leave you and your partner with smiles on your faces ready to enjoy your wedding,

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