The days of celebs and style icons being the focal point of fashion influence are long gone. Social media has now granted fashion enthusiasts a platform to display their own sense of style and garner their own audience. One of the main social media platforms which has encouraged this is Instagram, with it now being the daily source of fashion inspiration for many people. We’ve looked at which fashion influencers you should keep an eye on for your styling ideas.

Justus Hansen (@justusf_hansen)

Justus has generated a healthy following of just under 300k followers at the tender age of 26. In his own words, Justus sees himself as providing a “solid foundation, a basic set of ideas that leave room for interpretation and in the long shot help people to find their own style”. A quick browse through his Instagram library will instantly throw up a whole host of looks, many of which lean more towards smarter guises making Justus the ideal source of fashion inspiration for sartorial stylists.

Marcel Floruss (@marcelfloruss)

Based in the US, Marcel is another young German with a thirst for fashion and travel. His Instagram feed is regularly updated with fresh content, with Marcel constantly appearing in new locations, and more importantly, in new garments. The travel element plays well in allowing him to showcase a range of styles, from cosy looks for snowy winters in New York to more relaxed outfits while enjoying the spring sun in Lisbon.

Blake Scott (@blakescott_)

Blake Scott doesn’t shy away from the fact he doesn’t have a background in fashion. In fact, he has used it as a means of distinguishing himself from his peers, claiming it allows him to be “authentic and unique”, which makes for a priceless attribute when you’re developing your own sense of style and following.
While Blake might play on the idea of being unique, his looks certainly still fall in line with what’s in vogue. Scroll through his feed and you’ll be enlightened by the wide range of sartorial style on offer along with some more casual looks. If you’re a sucker for black tie then be sure to pay attention to Blake Scott – he recently wore a tux on his wedding day and it proved to make for a fine example of how to get it just right.

Daniele Zaccone (@danielre)

There had to be an Italian influence in our list, and Daniele is more than deserving of his place. While many other bloggers bring in travel and modelling to an extent into their feeds, which can create a refreshing blend of content, Daniele is completely about his clothes and accessories. This makes for an amazing source of pure styling inspiration – and with well over 8,000 posts, there’s enough to keep you busy for a while.
The vast majority of looks feature suit, shirt and tie combinations, with his styles varying from being minimal and elegant to loud and daring. With his gallery featuring such a wide array of looks, this is one account that will certainly spur some creativity in your wardrobe selection, whether it be for work or social outings.

Melik Kam (@melikkam)

Head over to Melik’s Instagram account and you’ll be greeted by the quote “fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it”. A quick scroll through his feed will soon make clear that Melik does indeed live by this quote. Many of his winter looks are made up using multiple layers and individual pieces of clothing, which when brought together work magnificently.

He’s clearly developed a knack for piecing items together and appears to do it with relative ease, even if that means teaming up a non-identical waistcoat, blazer and trouser in one look. There’s a real sense of individuality with his style which we love as it takes a degree of boldness to put together and pull off some of the looks he displays.

Final words

We now live in a day and age where we can find a whole host of style inspiration with just a few clicks and it’s something we should certainly take advantage of. Instagram is awash with men’s styling ideas and the names above are merely scratching the surface when we take into account exactly how many men’s style pages there are which you could follow.

If you’re new to Instagram or have barely used it as a source of fashion inspiration, then you can’t go too far wrong by following the 5 accounts we’ve mentioned above.

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