There are numerous things you need to consider to ensure you’re all set for when it’s time to make your vows, with one of the biggest concerns for many being what they’ll be wearing.  While you might not know what you want to wear just yet, one thing is for certain, we know you’ll want to be looking your very best. That’s why we’ve looked at some of the emerging fashion trends for 2016 to ensure you’ll be well prepared for your big day along with a few useful pointers to keep in mind when finalising your look.

Emerging Trends


One of the biggest trends which looks set to really take off in 2016 is the return of the classic fitted suit. For the past couple of years we’ve become accustomed to a lot of skinny and slim fitted suits, which are great for men with a slender physique, however not the most comfortable or flattering for many others. This year looks set to bring an air of flexibility with many more classic fit suits being seen worn by celebrities and the public alike. This however doesn’t dispel skinny and slim fitted suits which we’re sure will continue to be a popular choice in 2016.

Colour & Design

When it comes to formal suits, and those appropriate for most weddings, there isn’t really a drastic change expected in regards to colour. While often summer weddings are a great time to wear a lighter coloured suit, it looks like darker shades will be taking over in 2016. From the more typically worn navy and grey suits to the not so commonly seen brown and green suits, a darker shade is what you should be looking for. Additionally plaid designs have been making a steady return and this is something which is set to continue in 2016. A subtle plaid design will not only add character to your look but also maintain a smart look appropriate for your wedding.

Essentials to remember

When finding the ideal suit for your wedding a lot does come down to your personal preference, however there are a few other factors to also keep in mind if you really want things to look and go well.

Your Partner

While you want to look your very best be sure to take into account your partners opinions, after all they’re likely to be concerned about how you look almost as much as yourself. You don’t necessarily have to show them what you’re looking to buy but get an idea of the colours they’d prefer prior to setting your heart on a certain look.

Theme & Venue

Secondly think about the theme of your wedding and your venue. The majority of weddings will dictate a smart formal look, however if you’re planning something more flamboyant then you will have room to try a bolder and more daring look. If you’ve decided on a colour theme for the wedding ensure that your final look is in line with this, regardless of whether it’s your full suit or simply the odd accessory such as your tie that you’ll be wanting to match up.


Finally think about the season and the likely weather you’ll be getting married in. A winter wedding will allow for thicker material such as tweed (which will also be making a real comeback in 2016) while a summer wedding would better suit a lighter material such as linen. If you're likely to spend the majority of the time inside then also consider this as a room full of people even in winter can get uncomfortably hot.

Regardless of what the current trend is though it’s vital you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. If you feel that the suits you’ve tried don’t fit well or you aren’t happy with particular features on the suits, then the best choice is to go with either a bespoke or made to measure suit. They also allow for a greater level of customisation meaning you and your partner can settle with a look which pleases you both equally. After all it is your big day and feeling good is just as important as looking good so opting for a bespoke suit is certainly worth considering.

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