The end of year is in sight which means the much awaited office Christmas party is also right around the corner. While it can make for a great occasion to unwind with your work colleagues, it’s also the ideal time to make an impression with your sense of style outside of the office.

We’ve looked at the things you should consider to help get your look spot on and turn heads for the right reasons at your office party.

#01 Consider the event itself

Christmas parties can come in many forms. Some might take place in swanky restaurants while others might simply be a night out. The nature of the evening will play its part in dictating what you choose to wear. Make sure you’re dressed appropriately for the occasion. A sharp suit will certainly look the part in a nice restaurant, while a smart-casual outfit will make for a better choice for a night out. Either way you don’t want to look out of place and if you do, then you’re better off being overdressed than under dressed.

#02 Don’t dress like you’re going to work                

The last thing you want to do is have your outfit look like your regular day-to-day work wear. For instance, if you find yourself in a suit and tie in the office, then opt for something smart yet a little more relaxed.

If you’re going for something sharp then it’s hard to overlook a suit. Remember to keep it classy though, people can get carried away when it comes to the festive period so steer clear of any shiny fabrics and don’t go too bold with the colour of the suit either.

For a more casual look there are a couple of failsafe outfit options. You can team up a blazer with a crisp white shirt and jeans so create an effortless smart casual look that’ll be a far cry from the usual office suit. You also have the option of throwing on a sweater too if the temperature really drops on the day.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you want to stand out enough to have your outfit noticed. Fail to do so and you could be ribbed for dressing in your work clothes to the office party.

#03 Avoid novelty clothing

While the ugly Christmas jumper might make you look like a huge fan of Christmas itself, it certainly won’t go down too well if you’re trying to make a statement with your outfit. The same applies to tacky accessories such as Santa Clause cufflinks or a reindeer tie. We recommend avoiding them for work functions and leaving them for the family get togethers at home.

There are ways of adopting a festive theme without the cheesy jumpers. You can subtly incorporate festive colours (greens and reds) into your look through your accessories. Opt for spotted fabrics such as a green pocket square or a red tie with white dots which will help to give your look a tasteful essence of Christmas.

#04 Grooming is crucial in completing your look

While there are a select few men who consistently make the time to ensure they’re properly groomed for every day at work, there are a whole host of others who don’t. That’s why making the extra effort and ensuring you’re properly groomed is a must for the office party. Doing so will help to bring your entire look together, after all, what’s the point in making an effort with your clothes if you yourself are showing the effects of a long week at work.

#05 Get your black tie look right

You won’t get many chances to don a tuxedo in front of your work colleagues, so if your office party is a black tie event then you should be looking to make the most of the opportunity. You’ll want to avoid making classic errors with your look, here are a few of things to keep in mind.

Keep your suit and tie black, while some events can allow for different colours, such as a navy suit and a whole host of coloured ties, if this is one of the few chances you have to wear a black tie outfit then make the most of it by maintaining the traditional look. Also be sure not to cut corners with your shirt, it might not get all of the attention but the right dress shirt can really set off a black tie outfit. Finally, make sure that your shoes are in pristine condition, the suave nature of a tux can easily be outdone if the shoes don’t match the suit.

Final words

That should give you enough of a push in the right direction to get your office party look just right. If you need any extra help or some crucial accessories to complete your look then feel free to get in touch with us on our social networks or browse our online store.

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