Whether you’re a few months into a relationship or you’re 20 years into a marriage, when it comes to Valentine’s day we all want to impress our other halves. While the perfect gift might go some way in achieving that, it’ll ultimately be you who’ll play the biggest role.
So how can you go about dressing to impress your partner? Your outfit will be determined greatly by your plans for the day and we’ve highlighted some styling tips for a range of scenarios.

A full day or just the evening

If both you and your partner have the fortune of having the whole day to yourselves – then spending a day out is a no brainer. However, doing so will mean that you’ll need to be dressed for every eventuality. If this is the case we recommend you go for a versatile smart casual look.
An essential part of creating a look which can be effortlessly switched up is sensibly layering up. For a Valentine’s day outfit we’d recommend going with a plain white shirt, crew neck sweater and topping it off with an overcoat. The overcoat will allow you to stay warm if you need to but can easily be removed once you’re indoors. Opt for a dark pair of fitted jeans to once more ensure your look stays as finely in tune with being smart casual as possible.

An evening meal

An evening meal is the most common way to spend Valentine’s Day, and if you’re heading to a plush restaurant then your outfit should certainly correlate with your surroundings. It’s a great chance to throw on your favourite tailored suit which will have you looking your very best, and will also grant your other half the chance to get dressed up too.
If a full suit feels too formal for the occasion for you then you can still achieve a sharp look by wearing just the trousers or suit jacket. Partner either item with loafers and chinos or mandarin collared shirt to get a slightly more laid back yet still smart look.

A light-hearted option

If you and your partner enjoy something a little more light hearted, such as crazy golf or a cinema date over a romantic meal then you’ll want to opt for an outfit that’ll ensure comfort and style - the last thing you want is to feel restricted by your clothing.
Keeping in mind that temperatures can still get pretty low in mid-February, we’d suggest you wrap up enough to get you through any eventuality, which could include an outdoor activity. Think a roll neck sweater with dark denim jeans and desert boots. The look can be completed with a blazer or even an overcoat for those a little more susceptible to the cold.

A weekend away

For those lucky few who are set to take full advantage of Valentine’s Day with a weekend away we’d recommend packing smartly. Take a few outfits which range from being smart to casual, this will allow you to dress accordingly for anything you plan on doing.
A smart blazer and an oxford should be the first items you pack as they’ll almost certainly come in use. Consider taking shoes/loafers along with footwear which are a little more casual (such as plain white trainers), this once more will give you something to wear while you relax along with options for smart and smart casual looks.

A cosy night in

There’s a good chance that there’ll be a fair few of you who’d rather fancy a cosy night in over braving a bitterly cold February evening. Just because you’re spending the night in however doesn’t mean you can get away without making an effort.
While there’s nothing wrong with sitting around in something cosy, making a little effort will help to top the night off – although we would advise you to steer clear of pulling out a full suit for the occasion! Throw on some jeans/chinos and a nice shirt to show you’ve made an effort without going over the top.

A final tip

If you find yourself wearing an overcoat, consider adding a pair of gloves and a scarf to your look too. While it’ll help to enhance your look in part, they’ll also make great props to offer your partner as the evening gets colder – who said chivalry was dead!

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