While cycling to work can bring with it numerous benefits (such as being great for your health, the environment and also a cost effective form of travelling) it can throw up a number of hurdles that you’ll be forced to overcome, especially if you wear a suit to work.

With issues such as creasing your suit or working up a sweat and then having to carry around the smell of your body odour throughout the day, it only spells trouble for your suit and those around you. However, with a few useful pointers you can enjoy your morning commute and not worry about any lingering smells.


Giving yourself extra time to make it to work means you don’t have to cycle so vigorously. Having a more relaxed cycle to work will reduce chance of you working up a sweat while also helping to ensure that you aren’t late for work.


Cycling to work is still considered exercise and certainly isn’t the equivalent of a stroll down a catwalk so make sure you’re dressed appropriately. You can choose whether to wear actual cycling gear or simply clothing which is more suited to a workout but what we don’t recommend is wearing your actual work clothes. While it might sound absurd, keep your eyes open and you’ll be amazed at how many people you see commuting to work in their suits. Regardless of whether you work up a sweat or not, at the very least your clothes will get creased and you also run the risk of getting other dirt stains on the before you even reach the office.


There are a couple of solutions to ensure you travel light. Firstly, you can stick to packing just the bare essentials that you’ll need. That might include your suit and travel sized toiletries if you plan on having a shower after. Alternatively, and probably the best way of travelling light, is to leave as many of your belongings at work as possible. This will mean that you’ll no longer have to pack your work clothes every day and face the possibility of them getting creased. The only issue with this is having somewhere to store the clothes along with working out a routine to bring them back when they’re in need of a wash.


If your work place has a shower, then that’s perfect as you have everything you need to freshen up for the start of your working day. However, many work places probably don’t so you’ll have to think outside of the box in regards to where else you can have a wash before work. You can plan your route beforehand and see if there are any gyms nearby which you have an existing membership with (or even if you don’t have membership, many gyms now offer cheap monthly fees meaning it might be worthwhile joining for their showering facilities). This will allow you to have a shower relatively close to your work place with the remaining distance unlikely to cause too many issues in regards to building up a sweat.

If you feel like there’s anything we’ve missed or have any of your own tips you’d like to share, then be sure to suggest them on our social media pages.

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