Weddings can make for an expensive event, and while they’ll often mark one of the most important days in your life, for some people the unsurmountable sums of money being forked out on a one-day event can prove to be too much.
So, we’ve looked at how you can save some pounds but have just an equally glamourous wedding with our cost cutting tips.

Tip 01: Get married out of season

Getting married out of the peak season makes for a great way of reducing your costs. You’ll instantly benefit from off peak prices not only for your venue but also for other services such as photography, décor and even catering in some cases. Traditionally the peak season is considered to start around April/May and last until late September/October. The main reason for the hike in prices is the increased demand during spring/summer where couples have a higher chance of experiencing warmer weather.
The vast majority of people want to be basked in glorious sunlight during their big day and enjoy the warmer weather – however given the temperamental British weather, you can never guarantee blue skies and sunshine on your big day irrespective of when you plan it. So, this begs the question – why not make the most of a winter wedding? Yes, couple shoots in the sun look great but many people are adapting their big day to the autumnal/wintry weather that comes during the back end of the year. We’ve seen a rising number of couples getting hitched during autumn/winter with the men switching up cashmere and cotton suits for tweed – and creating a look which comes off every bit as classy as we’ve seen.

Tip 02: Get married on a weekday evening

Similar to seasonal demand, there are also peak times of the week which will demand a higher price – primarily for venues. A cost-effective tip for your wedding is to plan your big day on any evening beside a Saturday. Now understandably, this isn’t ideal given work and school commitments for many families however there are ways to get around this.
Planning your wedding during the school holidays will instantly remove any qualms of “having to head home early for the kids”. In addition to this doing it on a Friday or Sunday evening can also help – Friday as it allows for a late night while a Sunday avoids having to get time off work. Just be sure to give your guests plenty of time to plan in advance if you are planning on a wedding during these times.

Tip 03: Spend where necessary

Couples can often get carried away when it comes to planning every last detail of their wedding, but in many cases, some of the meticulous planning can often go unnoticed by many of the guests. Take your décor for instance. You can often get away without decking the entire place with fancy décor. Things such as table pieces are only really necessary if you’re having a sit-down dinner, if not then avoid splashing out on them and focus on areas where people are most likely to spend most of their time, such as the bar.
Wedding cakes can also prove to be a big cost which can easily be avoided. Wedding cakes these days are created as show pieces as much as they are for the guests to eat, therefore you can opt for a few faux layers and have some simple sheet cake in the kitchen ready to serve up. You’ll need at least one real layer to cut, but besides that you can really get away with as much faux layers as you please. You might also want to account for the fact that not every single person will eat the cake. It’s fair to assume that a cake large enough to serve around 75% of the guests will usually be more than enough.

In summary

While saving money might be a priority, you don’t want to do it at the expense of ruining the event on the whole. Be cautious not to cut back on too much as you could well take away from the occasion. Granted, your décor and surroundings can play their part in setting the ambience for the big day, but all attention will ultimately be on you and your partner. This is why it’s one area that you shouldn’t cut back on and be sure you look your very best – from getting hair and makeup done to the outfits of both partners.

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