The waistcoat, it’s an item of clothing which should be revered but is often overlooked by many people. It can help complete both smart and smart-casual looks and makes for a great addition at any time of the year.
We’ve taken a look at 3 different ways in which you can incorporate a waistcoat for 3 distinctly different looks.

With a suit

Adding a waistcoat to a suit can really transform it. While it might not be suitable for every day occasions, as it can look rather dressy, it’s ideal every now and again when you want to make a mark. There are 2 ways you can go about teaming up your waistcoat with a suit. You can either go like for like and have it match the material of the suit which will see it slide seamlessly into your look, or alternatively you can opt for a different colour completely to help break things up.
Now you might be thinking it’s far too much to wear in the summer – well not necessarily. Don’t be put off by the idea of getting too hot in it, instead switch up your suit material for something thinner such as cotton or linen which are breathable materials and will allow you to remain comfortable even with the sun beating down.

With trousers

As the weather gets warmer you might feel wearing a suit is a touch too suffocating. In these instances, switching a blazer for a waistcoat can make for a great way to lighten the load of clothing while maintaining a sharp look. Feel free to get creative with the pattern and colour of your trousers, waistcoat and shirt. While minimalistic looks can create a look which ooze sophistication, teaming up a striking shirt (e.g a checked design) with a plain yet complimentary pair of trousers and waistcoat combination can create an eye catching look.
More informal looks allow you greater freedom to team up your waistcoat and trousers in any way which you please and even switch the trousers for chinos. If however, you’re looking to pull off a smart look then ensure that your waistcoat and trouser materials match. Try to avoid going for a black waistcoat and trousers, with a white or black shirt – this can often leave you looking like a waiter and won’t have you standing out from the crowd.

With jeans

Teaming up a waistcoat with a pair of jeans can be tricky, however if it’s done right then it can certainly provide a striking look. To make sure you get it right, avoid getting side tracked with it being a generally more casual look. Instead focus on bring a suave element to your ensemble by maintaining a tailored look from head to toe.
This means you’ll want to steer clear of any baggy jeans and instead opt for a straight leg or slim fitting alternatives. In similar fashion, your footwear should also be selected in keeping with this “fitted” approach - so any bulky trainers or boots we’d recommend avoiding at all costs.

A final note

So now you’re good to go and introduce a waistcoat into your looks and watch it transform your appearance. Don’t be afraid to try different combinations for formal and informal looks until you find something you’re happy with.
If you feel you need a waistcoat to go with a current suit then feel free to get in touch, we can help to recommend and even create a bespoke waistcoat that’ll help you create the look you’re after.

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