While dressing in smart attire can certainly transform any man’s look to that of a real gentleman, there are a few tell-tale signs which instantly show that a man is only just venturing into the realms of suit wearing. Regardless of whether you consider yourself an apprentice with the formal fashion world or a suit aficionado, here are 4 mistakes you won’t want to make.


Tie bars make for a wonderful accessory and can help to add pizazz to your overall look. However, besides adding to your look, the functional purpose is for them to hold your tie in place. Now when you consider this within a 3 piece suit, you come to realise that a tie bar just isn’t necessary as your vest will hold your tie in place anyway.

This is a mistake made by overly enthusiastic men who are simply eager to throw on every accessory which comes within reach. However doing so can not only make the tie bar look redundant but also makes you look like you’re trying too hard – remember in some cases that less is more and this is certainly one of them.


Similar to the previous point, wearing braces with a belt is very much pointless, seeing as they serve the same purpose. Yes, you might argue that they’re there strictly for style reasons, as your trousers don’t need holding up, but from a suit culture point of view we advise you to go for one or the other, but never both.

Not only will wearing a belt and braces bring into question your knowledge on how to piece together your accessories, but it will also give your body an unflattering rectangular shape. The bold horizontal line created by the belt across your waistline along with the two vertical lines formed from the braces will leave your figure looking rather rigid.


Watches can make for the perfect accompaniment to a suit, however they do require the wearer to throw on the right kind of watch. If you thought it’s as simple as strapping on your favourite watch and expecting it to compliment your best fitted tailor made suit then think again. The occasion you’re wearing it for and the suit itself should dictate the type of watch you wear.

Typically, watches with a leather strap are considered dressier and are ideal for really formal events (ensuring the face of the watch is pretty minimal). The fit of the watch is also crucial. While you probably want people to catch a glimpse of your timepiece, it should in actually fact sit comfortably under your shirt cuff when your arms are straight and creep out when you bend them.

Wearing a watch which doesn’t go with your suit is a distinct sign that it’s either a consideration which hasn’t even come to mind yet (displaying a lack of familiarity of suit wearing) or that you haven’t invested in enough watches to go with all of your suits. A great way of working around this Is to buy a watch with interchangeable leather straps. This will bring an air of versatility to it and make it easier to match-up with different suits, for example allowing you to wear a brown strap with a blue and a black strap for a black tie event.

Getting your look perfect can take time, and while personal preference will always play a role in dictating your eventual look, there are certain things you should attempt to avoid from the get go.

At Hemingway Tailors we have recently introduced a personal styling offering to assist those who are looking for such guidance to ensure that they expertly finish off their tailored suits with style.

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