All eyes have been on London Fashion Week this week, and with the focus of the event being on Spring/Summer 2017, we’ve looked at which trends look set to make an appearance next year.


While much of the clothing on show at London Fashion Week is targeted at a niche audience, there’s still plenty of fashion inspiration to be gained for the vast majority of people. Taking inspiration from such events can keep you abreast of the upcoming looks and allow you to plan and purchase all of the pieces of clothing you need in good time.

So what trends have we seen emerge from the latest show? We’ve listed a few below and looked at how they could influence your formal fashion in 2017.


Pastel shades are often associated with the warmth of spring and fresh flowers, but that could be set to change. The SS17 range of clothing has flipped that idea on its head. London fashion week displayed pastel shades being teamed up with grungy looks, culminating in some striking guises. Take for instance a number of goth like looks which featured pastel pink outfits – a look which has been popular in Japan and looks set to be working its way into western dress.

Keeping this in mind, there is the opportunity to throw on a suit and create a look of similar vein. Now a full on goth look might not work with a formal outfit but you can match a pastel suit with bold makeup, delivering a look of contrast in similar fashion to what we’ve seen on the catwalk.


There appeared to be a degree of favourability towards dresses which fitted in a loose manner. This approach is certainly one which is suited to the summer and while the fit of some of the outfits was a tad outrageous, we can expect quite a few dresses featuring a less structured fit come 2017. We witnessed looks which ranged from simply hanging off the shoulders to huge statement sleeves which drowned the hands.

When it comes to suits, the fit is something which should never be compromised. While a slack fit might work with dresses, it’s something which shouldn’t really be incorporated in the design of a suit – especially if you want to look smart.


If women weren’t paying attention to them before then it’s fair to say they will be now. Roksanda Ilinic placed an onus on trouser suits with an added touch of flair. What she had on offer certainly weren’t your typical business suits but then again who said a woman’s suit can’t be worn outside of the office. In fact, there was a prime example of this during the weekend. Olivia Palermo, the Greenwich born socialite, was one of a few people spotted looking slick in chic navy trouser suit as she attended the Paul Smith SS17 showcase.

The appearance of trouser suits in and around London Fashion Week could well spur an interest in them and bring them back to the fore of mainstream fashion. While at Hemingway we favour a more tailored and fitted look, we’ll be keeping a keen eye to see what styles emerge in the coming months.

These are just a few of the trends to have emerged during this year’s coveted event in London. We’ll be looking forward to see how much of an influence these trends have within general fashion come next year.

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