While formal fashion does require you to follow certain rules (such as matching your belt to your shoes), there are also widely disputed rulings on how you should wear certain elements of your garment, all of which are neither right or wrong in fashion terms.

We’ve looked at 3 formal wear myths which have been widely discussed with plenty of people sitting on either side of the fence, making it safe to say that you can do as you please with these much debated issues.

Fastening bottom button of your waistcoat

While the bottom button of a blazer should be left open, many people have also accepted the same belief for the waistcoat. The common trend these days has got more people involved with leaving the bottom button undone however it’s not a crime to fasten all of your buttons and isn’t something that should be snarled at.

Where leaving your bottom button open can help is when sitting down. Sometimes the fit of the waistcoat can lead it to rise up, causing it to bundle up and in turn make your outfit look untidy. In these instances leaving your bottom button undone can help the waistcoat rest naturally flat against body.

Matching shoes to your buttons

When it comes to your shoes don’t worry about trying to match them with the colour of the buttons on your blazer. You should instead be more concerned about finding the right coloured shoes to go with the suit itself, and then complete your look with a belt matching your shoe colour.

If you are however very particular about matching your shoes with your suit buttons then you could look to get the buttons changed. This is where bespoke suits come into their own as you have the option to choose the exact buttons you’d like on your suit from the very start.

Wearing socks with loafers

This is probably the biggest talking point out of the three with many arguments for and against it. The idea of wearing your loafers without socks pretty much comes from the recent trend of people regularly wearing them this way. It’s a look which stands out and probably gets more attention however if you look closely you’ll also find that many guys do still wear loafers with socks. In fact you can make the most of having your socks on show and use this to add character to your look by wearing some bold pair.

The only time we’d recommend not wearing socks (or wearing invisible socks) with your loafers is during the summer, however this is strictly more to do with your own comfort and staying cool than it is to do with style.

The decision to go against what some might consider the norm is strictly down to you, however if you do decide to, you should wear it with confidence. The best place to start a confidence inspiring outfit is with a bespoke or made to measure suit. It’ll provide a fit that’ll flatter your figure and there’s a good chance it’ll leave you feeling better any garment before.

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