Bespoke tailored suits are perfectly constructed garments that are designed to flatter and fit the wearer, and the fit only improves over time. The best  suits can be classed as works of art, science and even architecture. Every element of a bespoke tailored suit’s fit pays a valuable contribution to the end product. Here at Hemingway Tailors, our master tailors produce top quality bespoke suits for our clients. The entire process may take several months and several fittings to perfect, but the end result is certainly worth the wait. These ten factors are extremely important contributors to the quality of a Hemingway Tailors bespoke tailored suit.

 #1: Initial consultation

A bespoke tailored suit might fit perfectly, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be happy with the end result. At the initial consultation, Hemingway clients discuss their style preferences and requirements. Is the suit for everyday use at the office, or do you require a summer suit? Without speaking at length with the individual, we’re unable to craft a unique suit that meets our clients’ needs.

 #2: Visiting tailor

Many of our clients are extremely busy, but a rushed consultation or fitting won’t help the end result. Therefore, we offer a visiting tailor service to enable consultations to take place when and where it suits the client. This enables us to take our time with the consultation in surroundings that are convenient and familiar to the client.

 #3: Choice

Our expert tailors are able to assist clients with choices of fabrics and linings for their tailored suit. We’ll offer recommendations based on their needs, and inform them about the best available options. We also offer innumerable personalisation options so that a client’s preferences and our expertise meld together to create the ideal bespoke suit.

 #4: Gait

Yes, we really do consider your gait when we’re crafting your bespoke suit. We all walk in different ways, and the fit of the suit must work with your unique walking style, or else the fit will look odd.

 #5: Measurements

You’d hope that we’d measure you, wouldn’t you? We don’t just glance at you and throw you a jacket that probably fits. We painstakingly take dozens of measurements in order to craft a bespoke tailored suit that’s made especially for you.

 #6: Quality

Our suits are canvassed. That means that the lining and the outer fabric aren’t glued together – there is an inner layer of canvas that holds the outer two layers together. This technique means that your suit’s fit will improve over time – and that it’ll last much longer than a fused, off-the-rack garment.

 #7: Time

The average Hemingway Tailors bespoke suit takes around 60 hours to create. The entire process can take up to three months. By dedicating dozens of hours to crafting every suit, we’re able to ensure a top quality result. We won’t rush or cut corners.

 #8: Fittings

We’ll carry out several fittings until you’re 100% happy with the end result. At each fitting, we’ll point out areas that could use some adjustment, and explain the steps we’ll take to improve the fit.

 #9: Finishing touches

Aside from the actual construction of the suit, we’re able to make some aesthetic adjustments depending on your preferences. We can even embroider your initials onto your suit, if you want.

 #10: Aftercare

Once the suit has been created to our high standards and once you’re perfectly happy with the garment, our work still isn’t done. We also offer a thorough aftercare service to ensure that your suit looks its best for years to come.

 If you’d like to kick off the process and become the proud owner of your very own bespoke suit, book an appointment online today. 

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