Your guide to navy suit combinations

24 December 2018

Navy suits are a great alternative to black or grey if you want to try something a little different and inject some colour into your suit look. They can either be dressed up or down, are great for winter or summer and ideal for any formal occasion.

What is so great about navy suits is that there are several different shades of navy and dark blues to choose from ranging from midnight blue, oxford, indigo and many more - the list goes on!

Navy has even been considered the new black and works well with almost any shirt or tie colour. However, it is important that you match your shirt and tie colour accordingly and ensure that the colour combination is right for the event you are attending.

To help with this, Hemingway have put together a useful guide so that you can choose the right combinations that will complement your navy suit colour and the colours in your shirt and tie.


Navy suit, white shirt and red tie

This is a classic combination and is ideal for wearing to a wedding or any other formal event. It is common knowledge that you cannot go wrong with a clean, crisp, white shirt and a red tie will provide a great contrast to the darker tone of the suit. When choosing a navy coloured suit, a slightly dark teal colour would work well with a red tie rather than a bolder blue such as royal or electric blue, as this may look a little like a novelty.


Navy suit, pastel shirt and navy tie

Again, this look would also be ideal for a wedding or even a formal business event such as a corporate meeting or lunch with colleagues. The darkness of the navy in the suit and a pastel blue or pink shirt will contrast well together, with the shirt offering a great alternative to a classic white shirt. Similar to the previous combination, a pastel coloured shirt rather than a dark pink will work best.

Navy suit, white shirt and red tie 

Wearing a red tie with a navy suit oozes sophistication and class, and also adds a slight colour pop to your look. When choosing your tie, go for a darker red rather than anything too bright or you could even go for a burgundy colour. This look also brings across quite a patriotic look with the navy, red and white colours, and works well for any formal occasion.

Navy suit, pastel blue shirt and lemon tie

This combination says summer all over, and the pastel blue and lemon shade of tie work perfectly together to give off a really soft yet charming look. Instead of going for a traditional cotton or silk tie, try a woven silk tie to mix up the textures. There are lots of different materials of ties available to purchase, and it’s good to go for something a little different now and again if you don’t want to stick with what you may usually wear.

Navy suit, pale grey shirt and navy tie

Believe it or not, you don’t even have to experiment with different colours when it comes to choosing your tie colour - you can actually just stick with the primary suit colour. Matching your suit colour with your tie can work really well, however it is important to keep your shirt colour the opposite of the suit and tie. With a navy suit and tie, a washed-out grey shirt would go well, and this is ideal for attending a business meeting or network event.


Combining navy suits with patterned shirts or ties

This might sound a little risky, but wearing either a patterned shirt or tie with your suit can really add some personality to your look if you’d rather stay away from the double plain option. 

However, every gentleman should know that the patterned shirt and patterned tie combination is a bad look and will probably hurt the eyes. Hemingway recommend a subtle pattern which has neutral or dark colours, and this applies with either the shirt or the tie.

If you’re wearing a navy suit and want to go for a safe option so you avoid colour clashing, go for a navy infused patterned tie or a patterned navy shirt.

If you want to be quite bold and wear either a shirt or tie that doesn’t have navy in it, Hemingway recommend wearing a pale coloured shirt. Whether this is pale blue, grey or white and either plain or patterned, this kind of shirt accompanied with a darker tie which is either plain or patterned will work exceptionally well.

Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors
Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors