Your guide to grey suit combinations

30 November 2018

Grey is an incredibly versatile and flattering colour that provides a great alternative to a classic black suit if this is something you regularly wear.

The great thing about grey is that there are so many different tones that look great for almost any formal event, however the trick is to make sure you pair the right grey suit shade with the right colour shirt and tie.

A light grey suit gives off a more relaxed look and is a perfect choice for summer, providing the ideal option for occasions such as a dinner party or a wedding.

Dark grey suits bring across a more formal, business look that’s ideal for winter and are perfect when in the office or at a networking event.

As there are so many different tones of grey, many more than what you’d expect surprisingly, when it comes to suits it is important to remember that all tones work different and won’t all suit well with the same tie or shirt.

This is why it is important to choose the right combination to go with your grey suit, as some combinations will not look formal enough due to the clashing of colours. However, if you’re going for a neutral shirt with your suit, you can probably get away with almost any colour tie as long as it doesn’t look too overpowering.

If you’d like to learn more about the different shirt and tie choices you can wear with a grey suit, have a look at some of the combinations Hemingway have put together…

Dark grey suit, black shirt and black tie

This is a classic look, and provides a safe way to experiment with a grey suit if you’ve never worn one before. Black is slimming and goes with any skin tone, and having a black shirt also acts as a good canvas so that almost any colour tie will go with this look. Black can also work with various tones of grey, so you could also try teaming your shirt and tie with a lighter grey suit depending on what look you’re going for.

Light grey suit, white shirt and pink tie

This is a great wedding choice, and you could even try this look with a pale blue shirt. The lighter shades of grey and blue work perfectly together, and for a more modern look, go for a slimmer tie to balance out your silhouette. Lighter greys such as dove grey, ash grey or even greys that look almost blue are ideal for a summer wedding, and bring across a soft, clean and crisp look.


Dark grey suit, white shirt and black tie

This is a classic option, and is ideal for more formal occasions such as in the office or for a conference meeting. The dark grey suit and black tie will give this a flattering finish, and you can experiment with different darker shades of grey such as dim grey or slate grey. With darker grey suits you could also try different fabrics and patterns, for example tweed or large check prints.


Light grey suit, powder blue shirt and light grey tie

Another great option for a wedding, this look works best if the suit is slim fitting and works for any skin tone. The powder blue shirt brings that soft, formal look into place and really gives off a stylish vibe which is perfect for any gentleman. With this combination, make sure that your tie closely matches the colour of your suit, as two different shades of grey may look a little odd.

Charcoal grey suit, white shirt and burgundy tie

This look is great for the colder months, particularly if the suit is made from worsted or wool as the burgundy tie brings out an autumn and wintery feel. This is another classic look that is perfect for business events or meetings, and says formal and sophisticated. Any dark coloured tie would go well with this, so you could maybe try different colours to mix up the look.

Top tips for wearing patterned ties with your grey suit

If you want to be a little daring and go for a patterned tie, sometimes this can be hard to pull off as there are so many patterns and colours. There are certain things you must bear in mind before you purchase a patterned tie, so here are a few tips for wearing a patterned tie with your grey suit…


  1. Go for the opposite - If you’re wearing a light grey suit, then go for a darker patterned tie and vice versa, as the opposite colours and shades will complement each other.
  2. Stick to subtle patterns - Don’t go for loud, gaudy patterns as this can come across as a bit of a novelty and will ruin the whole look. Patterns such as light checks or stripes will work best
  3. Mix it up with different fabrics - If it’s winter, try going for a wool, tweed or even a woven tie as this can really add a point of interest to your look. Remember to match this though with the colours in the rest of your outfit.
Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors
Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors