Women prefer a tailored suit, finds study

03 February 2014

A study conducted by the dating website OkCupid has added credence to something that we all secretly knew in the first place: women prefer a man who wears bespoke tailoring.

The study pitted two otherwise identical dating profiles against one another, one displaying a gentleman wearing an ill-fitting off the peg number, and the other showing the same gent in a sharp made-to-measure suit.

The question was: will women really respond more to smartly dressed men than to their scruffier equivalents? The results, you won’t be surprised to hear, revealed that the dating profile displaying the tailored suit attracted far more views than that of the gent wearing the off-the-peg alternative.

The profiles were left dormant on the OkCupid website and the study measured the level of interaction from female visitors. Incredibly, the bespoke tailored suit attracted 2.3 times as many profile views than the scruffy alternative, and 3.5 times as many women sent unsolicited messages to the gent in the well-cut suit.

It seems obvious, then: if you’re not having the best luck with the ladies, perhaps you should consider investing in one of our beautiful bespoke suits and let your wardrobe do the hard work for you!