Women in suits adorn the Golden Globes

13 January 2017
Women in suits adorn the Golden Globes
While the status quo for many red carpet events involves men dressed in sharp tuxedos and their female counterparts in elegant gowns – the 2017 Golden Globes look set to have shaken up that trend. We saw the likes of Evan Rachel Wood, Octavia Spencer and Kathryn Hahn display the smart sophistication of females in suits and here’s why we loved their looks so much.
While all 3 ladies passed up on gowns for suits, they managed to deliver 3 very different looks. We saw Evan in a sharp tuxedo, Octavia in a timeless navy blue ensemble and Kathryn dressed in a more daring number. Their varying looks displayed the versatility of suits
Starting with Evan and the tuxedo. This was probably the most striking look of the evening given the fact that seeing a woman throw on a tuxedo, especially on the red carpet, certainly wasn’t expected. But that was exactly what Evan Rachel Wood wanted to achieve. She stated that her outfit choice was dictated partially to commemorate David Bowie and his gender defying mantra along with showing girls that dresses aren’t the only option for them.
It was a commendable move which saw her not only make a point, but do it in style. The look worked a treat and her custom made Altuzarra tuxedo grabbed a fair bit of attention. The fit of the outfit was perfect and proved the point that girls can look just as stunning in suits as they can in a gown.
Octavia Spencer opted for a more muted look with a navy blue figure hugging outfit for the evening. It was simple yet effective given the timeless nature of navy blue suits – especially on women. While simple in its look, it wasn’t a suit to be mistaken for any ordinary work attire though, the shiny lapels and matching stripe down the trouser really helped to bring it to life. The Hidden Figures star’s look was completed with some flashy accessories, not least the 40 carat Lorraine Schwarz emerald ring which certainly caught an eye or two.
Finally, we had Kathryn Hahn who grabbed the attention of onlookers with her revealing black 3-piece suit. While the length of the arms on her jacket could be called in to question by some, we’d say it went fittingly with her smart yet relaxed look. Her flared trousers followed a similar theme with them completely covering her footwear. She completed her look with a black Roger Vivier clutch which really complimented her outfit.
While opting to leave her bandeau bra creeping out from under her jacket could have detracted from her look, the overarching class delivered from her suit meant it provided an edge which helped to give the look its own identity.
It was great see such striking suits on the red carpet as they helped to once more exemplify the degree of sophistication they can provide. The sight of women in suits is becoming increasingly prevalent away from the work place and rightly so.
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Abbas Mahmood
Abbas Mahmood
As a lifelong purveyor of fashion, Abbas has been writing for Hemingway Tailors for 2 years, keeping readers up to date with style trends and delivering a regular insight into the world of tailoring.
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