Winter office wear tips for men and women

13 October 2017
Winter office wear tips for men and women
When it comes to winter, it can make for a tricky time of the year to dress appropriately for work. The last thing you want is to spend more time trying to keep warm than getting any work done. However there are ways to better prepare for winter, and we’ve looked at a few below.

Warm overcoat for mornings

The worst part of the working day in the winter for many has to be the bitterly cold mornings. A great way to combat these mornings is with a quality overcoat. We see many people opting for thin overcoats, but investing in a 100% wool coat will certainly have you feeling its benefits. Wool coats make for ideal day to day office wear as they’re most often capable of withstanding the wear and tear they’re likely to face while keeping you warm.

If you’d prefer something that truly exudes elegance then you can opt for cashmere instead of wool. Cashmere provides a distinctly softer finish and has an impressive knack for retaining warmth, however it may not fare as well and provide the longevity of a wool coat if worn on a daily basis.

Add a smart sweater

It’s hard to overlook the trusted sweater whenever we talk about putting together a smart winter look. The beauty of sweaters is that there’s a wide variety to choose from, meaning you can easily find one that suits your style and is also appropriate for your office environment.

For example, if your office dress code is a little more relaxed then you can team up a crew neck sweater with a shirt. If however our male followers need to wear a tie, then simply opt for a v neck sweater or v neck slip over which can provide an air of class when teamed up with a tie.

Wear winter appropriate suit and shirt fabrics

Here’s a tip that many people don’t even consider. Suits and shirts can be made in a whole host of fabrics, and while it may not be apparent by simply touching them, each one has its own unique properties. For example, the likes of wool, tweed and flannel are known to be thicker and better at preventing breeze seeping through your suit.

There are also unique shirt fabrics such as INDUO which has water repellent properties, making it ideal to tackle those wintry showers. The fact that it still maintains the look and feel of a quality shirt means that it can worn as every day work wear or even for those important meetings and presentations.

Go double breasted

If you aren’t against the style of double breasted suit jackets then they can make for a great choice during the colder months. The fact that the opening overlaps considerably helps to add an extra layer of fabric between you and cold. While this alone won’t keep you warm, it’ll certainly help to play a small part and can also makes for a fantastic addition to a smart look.

Wear the right footwear

This is crucial for men and women alike! As hard as it might be to part with your loafers for a few months, it’s important you wear the right footwear for practicality purposes and along with preserving your much loved summer footwear.

You won’t want to wear delicate fabrics such as suede which can get ruined by the rain or scuffed by other commuters and their muddy shoes. Stick to primarily leather shoes as these can prove to be long lasting and are easier to maintain. For example, if you find your leather shoes getting wet through, simply fill them with newspaper to soak up the moisture. You can then replace the newspaper with cedar shoe trees to help them retain their shape and while they dry out.

A great choice of winter footwear for men and women is the Chelsea boot. Men should look to apply the same principles as they would with any other type of shoe when matching it up to the colour of their suit. Women on the other hand have a little more freedom and can get creative while still maintaining a professional look. If you consider yourself a more conservative dresser however, then we recommend going for a failsafe all black Chelsea boot.

Final words

That should help give you a little direction in putting together your winter office wardrobe. Remember that additional layers can always be removed, so wearing an overcoat and sweater can make the perfect combination to battle the cold mornings and can be removed if you find the office is too hot during the day. Just make sure your shirt is well ironed beforehand!

Abbas Mahmood
Abbas Mahmood
As a lifelong purveyor of fashion, Abbas has been writing for Hemingway Tailors for 2 years, keeping readers up to date with style trends and delivering a regular insight into the world of tailoring.
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