Welcoming Mark Banks

22 September 2017
Welcoming Mark Banks
We’re thrilled to announce that we have a new addition to the Hemingway team! Mark Banks is now on board and will be providing his personal tailoring service to our London based clients.

This means that whilst your end garments will maintain the high quality you’ve previously experienced, we now have the added flexibility of hosting appointments at Savile Row or our new south London address (Kennington). Mark’s addition will also now grant us the added opportunity to offer a visiting tailoring service for our bespoke clients within London.

We ran a few questions by the man himself to help you get to know him a little better below.

1. How long have you been a tailor and how did you get interested in tailoring in the first place?

I have been tailoring professionally for the last thirteen years. I have always been interested in clothing, something I inherited from my Father. I became interested specifically in tailoring after a conversation with a friend of my Father’s who had recently started working in the business himself.

2. Do you feel tailoring has fundamentally changed at all over the last couple of decades?

I don’t necessarily think that the fundamentals have changed in terms of what makes a fine tailored garment, however the way in which tailored garments are now produced has now become incredibly sophisticated with the use of technology and modern methods of manufacturing. This has led to fine tailored garments being produced of a consistently very high standard for much less than in the past, therefore enabling more people to enjoy the benefits of well tailored clothing.

3. What is it you enjoy most about being a tailor?

It is my job to give advice on the most suitable cloths and styles that will complement the customer’s character and lifestyle. When I deliver beautiful pieces to people that I know are going to love wearing them it’s incredibly rewarding.

4. Have you ever “suited” any high-profile / famous clients?

Yes some, I once made a stunning 100% cashmere cream three piece suit for a famous soul singer for his wedding day and have other clients who are very high profile and well known in their fields however I prefer to keep their names confidential.

5. How do you feel about working with Hemingway and what difference/benefits do you feel your clients will receive from being under the Hemingway brand?

I am very excited about working with Hemingway, the brand ethos and values are very similar to my own so there is plenty of synergy there. The additional infrastructure it will give me will enable me to focus more on client care and design work, which are my key strengths and will be of obvious benefit to our clients.

6. Who do you consider to be the most stylish icons and why – both modern day and throughout history?

That’s a very wide ranging question and not an easy one to answer briefly, however I will do my best. Historically for me the obvious ones would be film stars such as Fred Astaire, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra to name a few, who were all beautifully turned out and made a significant impression on the culture and way men dressed of their day. But there are so many men in the public eye who have made lasting impressions and influenced not only the dress sense of their time but often also subsequent generations. Other actors that spring to mind would be Steve McQueen, Al Pachino and Andre Benjamin however there are also hosts of musicians such as Hendrix, Miles Davis and more recently guys like Gary Clark Jr. who all have their unique look going on.

For me a beautiful well cut suit in a subtle cloth is always going to look superb however it’s always great to see someone being more adventurous and choosing a bolder check or pattern with some colour in the fabric as long as the shirt and accessories match perfectly and the man in question has the natural style to pull it off.

7. Is there anyone in particular you would love to tailor a suit for?

James Bond!

8. Are there any fashion trends that you expect to become more popular over the next 18 months?

That’s not an easy one to make a call on but I would like to see people moving away from the Monochrome colour choices that are currently prevalent and beginning to introduce more colour to their clothing again. I also think we will continue to see more and more men moving away from the traditional suit and tie in the work place and having an increasing requirement for sharp, coordinated casual combinations.

9. Describe your favourite suit and what is it that makes it special?

My favourite suit is currently a Prince of Wales check. It has enough flair and character to stand out but is in many ways a traditional choice – a combination I like. It’s also beautifully cut and very comfortable so is a pleasure to wear for those reasons too.

10. Finally, what is your favourite quote or saying?

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln

If you’d like to arrange an appointment to meet Mark then be sure to get in touch.

Abbas Mahmood
Abbas Mahmood
As a lifelong purveyor of fashion, Abbas has been writing for Hemingway Tailors for 2 years, keeping readers up to date with style trends and delivering a regular insight into the world of tailoring.
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