Versace release a £100 suit, but would you wear it?

03 February 2014

All the warm weather of summer seems to have gone straight to Versace’s head, as the world famous fashion brand have created of their most controversial items yet. It’s breathable, comfortable (allegedly) and right on trend, but would you wear a full-body mesh suit? Sleeveless and cut off at the thigh, right under the buttocks, this black mesh ensemble features the iconic branding around the waist and a special pouch, designed to keep everything in the right place, never mind the fact it also just barely allows you to maintain your modesty. As you can imagine, in the world of tailored suits, we’re reeling from the shock of it.
The fabric is in trend, and has recently been worn by the likes of Rihanna and Cara Delevinge, while ‘onesies’ have all but taken over the world, so in theory, you’d think this would work, but it simply does not. The Italian fashion house, owned and run by Donatella Versace, have extended the range to also include mesh boxers and vest tops, and although still a little unusual, we reckon they’re more likely to take off than the suit.

At Hemingway Tailors, we are quite convinced that a suit should be tailored, and by no means see-through in anyway. While bespoke or made-to-measure suits can be an investment, they are so because they take time to create and are made with only the finest of materials, chosen by you. To charge near to £100 for a scrap of one-size-fits-all material seems a little wasteful, but in reality, you are paying for the brand name, not the item of clothing. By comparison at Hemingway Tailors, we make you the brand. Get in touch with one of our expert tailors today and let us see about making you a real suit.