The difference between Made to Measure and Bespoke

03 February 2014

One of the main questions we are often asked is to explain the difference between a made to measure suit and a bespoke suit.

As both are designed to fit your body perfectly and combine comfort and style much more effectively than a garment which has been purchased “off the peg”, there is little difference between the two in terms of fit.

The core difference between Made to Measure and Bespoke however is the attention to detail, both in the personalisation options available to the garment, and the manner in which it’s created.


Our bespoke suits are hand crafted in the UK and take a minimum of 55 hours to create from a paper pattern made especially for you and your individual measurements. This painstaking attention to detail means that not only will you have an absolutely perfect fit; there are no restrictions in the design or style of your creation because the garment is designed to your exact taste and requirements. The choice of colour and fine fabrics is also much wider.

Though an investment, once your individual pattern is created it will be kept should future suits be required.

Made to Measure

Our Made to Measure suits are machine made in Europe from a standard master model pattern and then adjusted to incorporate individual measurements and figuration details – for example ‘head forward’ or ‘dropped shoulder’. There is a much more limited selection of options and fabrics available to that in the bespoke range but they still outnumber the choice when buying ‘off-the-peg’.

There is no doubt that both methods create suits that give the wearers greater confidence in knowing that they fit perfectly, but aficionados of tailoring tend to opt for the more luxurious handcrafted bespoke suit option.

This is no surprise as the price range between the two can vary greatly, starting from £495 for a Made to Measure suit and £1895 for a bespoke tailored suit. But this can also be said when comparing the cost of a Jaguar and a Bentley – both are beautifully made but one is made by hand and the other by machine thus, the difference in cost.

Hemingway’s expert tailors will be happy to discuss your individual requirements whether you are investing in a suit for a wedding, formal occasion or for business. Please contact us here.