The Best Shirt and Tie Combinations

14 August 2018

When it comes to shirt and tie combinations, sometimes it can be a struggle to choose the right match, especially if you wear a suit for work five days a week. Wearing the same style of shirt and tie can get pretty boring after a while, but believe it or not, you can actually bring some life into your formal look.

If you feel like you don’t know where to start with selecting which shirt and tie work best together, fear not. We’ve got it all covered, and put together our guide of some of the best shirt and tie combinations you can try…

Striped shirt and bold coloured tie

Providing an effortless look, a striped shirt is a classic and a good alternative to a plain shirt. Stripes instantly mean business so are ideal for when you’re in the office, and pairing this with a bold colour tie will create a perfect match. The tie easily injects colour to the look and grabs people’s attention, yet still comes across sophisticated and doesn’t distract people too much.

Blue shirt and burgundy tie

This is a great choice for men wanting to keep their look simple yet different. Opting for a powder blue shirt and a burgundy tie can easily set off your look by keeping it classy. A lot of men go for a navy blue tie with a pale blue shirt, and although this works, going for a burgundy tie instead is an effective way to mix up your usual look.


Gingham shirt and knitted tie

A gingham shirt is another great alternative to a plain shirt. If you’d rather not go for the striped look, gingham is a good way to introduce checks into your daywear. Instead of just choosing a typical cotton or silk tie, try a knitted tie for something contemporary and fresh. This goes well together and offers a good balance of colour, pattern and texture but not in a way that will easily clash.

Here are our top three tie tips:

  1. Don’t clash your shirt and tie - go for either a patterned tie and a plain shirt or vice versa

  2. Nervous about injecting colour into your look? Go for a subtle pattern or colour and stay away from bright colours to start with

  3. If you’re wearing a patterned tie, match one colour from this to your shirt


Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors
Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors