Teaching fashion in a tailored suit

03 February 2014

Back to school shopping is all about making the right impression on the first day of school, with new shoes, a new bag, new books and new pens - for the kids. But what about the teachers? They should take their back to school shopping just as seriously as the children do, as what teachers choose to wear in class and around school could make a lasting impression on their pupils.

There’s nothing in the job description that requires teachers to dress in kooky bowties or knitted vests, and these aren’t exactly outfits that are going to demand respect in the classroom - although they might get the class’ attention. A teacher should dress in an outfit that demands respect, shows authority and that children can still relate to.

We’re not suggesting that a teacher should turn up in a sharp, tailored tuxedo, but perhaps choose a pair of tailored trousers or skirt with a well-fitted shirt or smart jumper. These are items of clothing that can show maturity and be dressed up or down while still looking smart enough to demand the attention of the room. Teachers are facing a tough crowd at school, but most closet-to-classroom pieces should be simple enough to be able to swap and change so a new outfit can be worn each day.

At Hemingway Tailors, we design and create bespoke items of clothing that can be made-to-measure of tailored to fit any shape perfectly, so whether you’re taking on a boardroom full of adults or a classroom full of kids, find the confidence you need in what you’re wearing.