Tailoring Fit for a Prince

03 February 2014

You may have assumed that after the birth of the newest royal, the world and its obsession with everything royal-related might finally settle down. How wrong you were. It would seem that the nation, plus everyone else across the pond, has gone from discussing what pram Kate and Wills might buy to what outfit the future heir to the throne will wear to his first birthday party - and there on after that.

Newspapers and websites have already been selecting outfits they deem appropriate for a royal baby, and it comes as no surprised that every item is individually tailored. We’re sure we’ve mentioned before the importance of wearing a tailored suit over off-the-peg, but of course, made-to-measure clothing can come in any form; it’s not just to create the perfect suit.

Before the sex of the baby was known, MSN Lifestyle picked out several mini designer tailored suits, fit for a tiny prince, all that would be perfectly altered to fit him. It might seem strange to go to that much effort for a baby when they are growing at such a rapid rate, but when their parents fail to wear anything other than clothes that have been carefully adjusted to fit them perfectly, why would their baby’s be expected to wear anything else.

At Hemingway Tailors, we might not yet cater for the youngest royal, but our made-to-measure bespoke suits are the perfect way to set a good example for your young ones...