Strengthen your look with these subtle tips for wearing a suit

14 June 2019

A suit that fits well and looks great on is the ultimate goal for every gentleman when it comes to formalwear.

For some, wearing a suit may be second nature but for others, the thought of wearing a suit may be a little daunting, especially if you sometimes feel a little awkward wearing one.

However, to ensure you nail the look and feel comfortable, it is crucial to pay attention to the details, even the minor ones, as the key to wearing a good suit is all in the details.

Here, Hemingway have put together 10 subtle tips for wearing a suit that will allow you to strengthen your formal look…

1. Find the right shoulder fit

The shoulders are the hardest part of the suit to tailor, so it is important that the shoulders are one of your main considerations when shopping around for your suit. Make sure they don’t bunch up as this will ruin the look - they must fit as snug as they can to your shoulders. Get this right and you’re on the road to success with a perfect suit.


2. Get the right tie dimple

If you’re wondering what a tie dimple is, it is simply the little dip at the top of your tie where the tie comes together. To get the tie dimple right, this can take a bit of practice and patience. Using a thick, wide tie made of either silk or cashmere will work best to achieve a good tie dimple, so avoid using a cotton tie if you’re wanting to achieve this.


3. Invest in a quality shirt, belt and shoes

When it comes to suits, it is crucial to not forget about the other things such as the shirt, belt and shoes. Yes, you may have got a nice new suit that looks great on and has been professionally tailored, but don’t let the look down by wearing an old discoloured shirt or shoes that don’t match the rest of your look.

4. Make sure your tie is darker than your shirt

As a general rule, your tie must be darker than your shirt to create the right balance and contrast to your look. As well as this, avoid matching the pattern of your tie with your shirt, for example don’t wear a checked shirt and a checked tie as this will clash and could possibly be an eyesore. Instead, try pairing a subtle tie with your patterned shirt and this way, you can still stay on-trend but without clashing lots of patterns together.


5. Ensure your sleeves and trousers are tailored

Ensuring that your sleeves and trousers fit correctly is also vital. Too big and you’ll look like you’re drowning in your suit which will make your whole look seem sloppy and untidy, too small and your suit will hug you a little too much meaning you won’t be able to move. It’s vital you get the right balance so make sure you visit a professional tailors like ourselves at Hemingway to get the right fit.

6. Expose your sleeve cuffs by half an inch

Having long jacket sleeves will instantly make your look dated and un-neat. If you search for images of a man wearing a suit online, you will most likely see a lot of images of male models with their sleeve cuffs slightly exposed. Expose your sleeve cuffs by half an inch and this will add a nice detail that’s simple to do and looks current. 


7. Consider wearing an undershirt with your suit

This is a tip we have mentioned before in one of our previous blogs as it can be really useful. If you’re prone to sweating, you might want to consider wearing an undershirt under your dress shirt to avoid the sweat from soaking through to your suit jacket. It can be uncomfortable for any gentleman if this happens, particularly if you sweat quite a lot and you’re attending an all-day event in your suit, so save the embarrassment and wear an undershirt.


8. Match your shoes with your belt


If you’re wearing a belt with your suit, always make sure it matches your shoes. There is nothing worse than mixing a brown belt with black shoes and vice versa - trust us, it will simply look a disaster. Stick to one colour and one colour only and make sure your belt and shoes match with the closest colour possible.


9. Unbutton your jacket when sitting down

In some of our previous blogs, we explained that there are actually certain rules when it comes to buttoning your suit jacket up and this all depends on how many buttons your jacket has. However, no matter how many buttons your jacket has, the same rule applies - always unbutton your jacket when sitting down as leaving it buttoned up can stretch it and potentially pop the buttons, which nobody wants to happen.


10. Wear long dress socks

You should never wear short socks with your suit shoes - always cover your legs up with long dress socks. However, avoid wearing novelty socks and stay away from white as this will simply ruin the whole formal look. Opt for dark socks such as black, navy or brown as these will go with any colour shoes and suit.

Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors
Written by your team of experts at Hemingway Tailors