Roomier cuts and shades of grey are in for A/W 2013

03 February 2014

The change in the seasons naturally corresponds with a change in our wardrobes, too, but before you start reaching for the waterproof coats and woolly scarves, it might be worth considering whether your suit is also due an A/W update... 

The new season’s trends are pointing to a departure from the established slim-cut, ‘50s-inspired tailored suits we’ve all been wearing of late. While your slim suit won’t be going out of style overnight, this season’s fashionistas will be cutting a dash in roomier jackets, shirts and trousers than we’ve seen in recent years.

While the cut of this season’s bespoke suits might be a little different from that which we’re used to, the autumn / winter colour palette is also due a revamp. The ‘in’ colour this season is grey, with tonal outfits likely to rule the roost throughout the colder months of the year.

If these updates from the frontlines of fashion aren’t exactly getting your pulse going, you can always revitalise your look with a statement scarf. Some brightly-coloured neckwear - particularly in burgundy - will not only keep the cold out but also ensure that you maintain your place at the top of the fashion hierarchy this season.