Rita Ora makes wearing suits all the rage

03 February 2014

We’ve said time and again that tailored suits are making a big, bold comeback, but if you won’t take it from us, take it from the celebrities who are devoted to wearing suits of all shapes, colours, sizes and designs, night and day! The catwalks during fashion week were flooded with both men and women donning trouser suits and skirt suits, so we knew it would be only a matter of time before celebrities picked up on the trend.

Rita Ora is currently trying to make a name for herself as a singer in LA, but she has certainly already made a name for herself as being quite the trendsetter. The British singer has been spotted sporting some rather daringly quirky suits around Hollywood, all tailored to perfection and therefore extremely well-fitting. However, it isn’t just the original made-to-measure suits that have made her stand out: it has been  the accessories she uses that really set off the whole outfit. Killer heeled boots and slashes of red lipstick or nail polish would bring any skirt suit to life and are great from taking a day look into the night.

Tailored or made-to-measure suits have the added bonus of being perfect for wearing both for work and pleasure. A well-fitted suit can make a bold statement, helping you to look professional and fashionable, simply depending on how you wear it! Rita Ora has been wearing her suits to perform in and to dine out in, because the great fit means she needs only worry about her accessories to make the look complete. If you would like a suit you can rely on for all occasions, why not browse our website today?