Paul Weller Launches New Suit Range

23 October 2014

Legendary rock star Paul Weller has just launched his first ever clothing line, Real Stars Are Rare, offering sharp suits for the discerning rocker. Designed in conjunction with Paul Bickley of Tonic in West London, the new range has a variety of options for smart men’s fashion.

The range has many classic lines and muted colours, and a limited selection of cuts overall. While no full suits are currently available, there are plenty of mix-and-match options available for a stylishly eclectic look.

Historically, celebrity-launched menswear fashion lines don’t have a great track record, but it must be said that the classic features of the new Real Stars Are Rare collection may have a timeless appeal.

Celebrities who have dabbled in menswear even included The Beatles, with their doomed Apple Corps label taking over two fashion outlets. The first, Apple Boutique in Baker Street, had to close after a very short time thanks to it being a shoplifter’s haven. The second, a boutique bought from dresser-to-the-stars John Crittle, once more had a shelf life of just a few months before closing.

The only really notable success in celebrity-designed menswear is that of Liam Gallagher. There is one main reason for this: rather than specialising in suit tailoring, he has remained strictly within the grunge streetwear look for which he is famous. Appealing to many, his Pretty Green label has run successfully for over five years, with T-shirts and jeans capable of competing with regular high street stores.

Whether Paul Weller’s new collection will stand the test of time is yet to be seen. However, the prices of the off-the-peg suits in the range are similar to some bespoke tailored suits, suggesting that a discerning buyer would focus more on getting a perfect fit from a tailor instead of a high street product with a famous name attached.